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My '91 Capri had the same problem. It turned out to be a problem with something I had never heard of before. It's called a stator. I believe it is located in or near the distributor, and replacement fixed my problem.

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Q: My 93' Mercury Capri wont start and when it does start it wont stay running i know it is not the fuel pump or filter ignition coil or rotor cap does anyone have any other ideas i can try?
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Installed new ignition but wont stay running?

You may want to check your float ,filter and fuel for sticking and dirt.

Why won't my 2000 Mercury Mountaineer keep running?

There are several things that can cause your 2000 Mercury Mountaineer from running. The most common cause is a lack of fuel. You might want to start by changing your fuel filter.

I can not get my 2000 galant to stay running what could it be?

Bad fuel? Plugged fuel filter? Plugged air filter? Bad fuel pump? Weak Ignition coil? Check for fuel and spark

Are there sensors on ignition which causes the fuel filter to start pumping?

No, the filter can not pump. It is a filter.

Where is the tach filter on 88 fiero gt?

Its the small silver canister in front of the ignition coil. it has white wires running horizontally off of it. It looks like a capacitor.

What could be the cause of 1983 Mercury Cougar cutting out at moving speeds?

Perhaps a clogged fuel filter. If a car stops running--or won't start or stay running--it's either a fuel or a spark problem.

What cause the1992 Mazda proceed truck engine to stop after running for a minutes?

Weak fuel pump? Bad fuel pump? Plugged fuel filter? Plugged air filter? Bad ignition coil? plugged catalytic converter?

Where is the placement of the oil filter for a 2001 mercury villager?

The oil filter is located (I can't believe anyone has to ask this one) on the bottom of the engine. Look for it at the right front corner not far from the oil pan drain plug.

Why would a 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis start but then stall right away?

Likely the fuel filter is clogged so you need to change it. If you can keep the engine running by pumping throttle a few times at start up, and then it runs, check the filter; cost about $10.00. On My 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis I had to replace the Idle air control valve because it did stay running until it was warm

Why would a Chevy aveo shut down while running?

Check for fuel and spark Could be a bad ignition coil Could be a bad fuel pump or plugged fuel filter

What kind of air filter does a 1999 mercury marquis take?

For a 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis : ( the engine air filter is Motorcraft FA-1668 )

Where is the fuel filter located on a 2001 Mercury Villager?

The filter is located behind the RH side of the carbon canister under the hood.

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