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There is a switch somewhere in the engine compartment, probably vacuum actuated, that increases the engine idle when you turn on the A/C. This may be not working, but may also be only part of the problem. Give your car a complete tune up and check for trouble codes to be sure your car is running optimally and been properly maintained.

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Q: My 95' Honda civic runs sluggish or loses its power when you turn on the air conditioner.Why is that?
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Why does my Honda civic lose idle at a stop?

The Honda Civic loses idle at stop due to not have consistent air flow. The engine will run too lean and cause the car to shut off.

What is the 0-60 time for a Honda Civic type r?

5.5 to6.5 if the car is properly serviced and the car has been well maintained. It has been proven that the K20 block which is present in a honda civic type R loses drastic torque if the car is in poor condition/poor maintanence hitting around 7.8-8 seconds.

What are the symptoms of a bad fuel pump for a 1994 Honda civic?

1. Low or No Fuel Pressure 2. No Throttle Response 3. Sudden power surges and losses 4. Car loses all power for a few seconds and Regains it 5. No Start

ABS light comes on in a Honda Passport.?

There was a recall for all Passports concerning this issue, it was a sensor that loses calibration, Honda dealership will update ECM (car computer) with new algorithim.

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Here you go, I just did this yesterday. Make sure you have your radio code before you remove power. I didn't realize that a code was needed to access the radio after it loses power. If you happen to have the code, I could really use that info.

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