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im actually having the same problem right now, and i was told the sensor is under the intake manifold and both the upper and lower intake will have to be taken off.

The evap system is what takes the gas fumes from the fuel tank and sends it into the intake, usually the problem is with a vacuum hose dry rotting so check them all out , issues with the evap can be difficult to lock down and a smoke test might be needed. Purchase a Haynes or Chilton repair manual for your vehicle. it will take you through about all the DIY procedures step by step.

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โˆ™ 2008-03-19 19:29:28
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Q: My 97 pathfinder was taken in for a check engine test and was told it had a evaporation emissions control failure and a bad knock sensor can I fix these myself and if so how?
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What is the Check engine light telling you?

there is a emissions related failure on the vehicle.

Does the P0440 makes the car waist a lot of gas?

No- Code P0440 is only an evaporative emissions failure and will not cause your car to use more gasoline. On the other hand having this code stored in your system will result in an emissions test failure.

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What causes your brake pedal on a 1994 pathfinder xe to get hard?

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What does the check engine light mean on a Honda Accord Hybrid 2007?

It means that there is a failure in the vehicle that will affect emissions.

What does the service engine soon light mean on a saturn?

It means that the engine computer has detected an emissions related failure.

Why does 1996 Pontiac sunfire engine surges after warming up It if fine for the first 20minutes of driving then surges.?

This is a dangerous condition that can or will result in a collision/loss of control. There are multiple causes which include an evaporative emissions component failure and idle air control motor. These problems are indicated by the engine racing inexplicably.

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P0440 OBDII code is for evaporative emissions control system failure.. check your gas cap though, many times a loose gas cap is the culprit with this code, hope this helps some1 out.

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The check engine light stays on when the computer detects an emissions related failure.

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Does the check engine light come on for scheduled maintenance?

No, it comes on when there is a failure that can affect the emissions of the vehicle. See related question below.

What does the light that looks like and engine mean in 2001 Dodge Neons?

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What causes a check engine light to suddenly go out on my 1999 Chrysler condorde?

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