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Check out the following website for a outline of what to look for when encountering this problem: Hope this helps. "G"

2007-04-23 16:17:27
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Q: My 98 Grand Prix GTP has a 1 and 3 misfire I've replaced plugs wires coil compression tested it and it still misses on 1 and 3 if i unplug the 1 injector wire it still runs the same no worse thanks?
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After installing new ignition module and coil pack it still misses?

Assuming the plugs and wires have already been replaced you may have a bad fuel injector.

Starts runs but it misses like crazy?

check your fuel injector

What is causing the cylinder 2 misfire in your 97 maxima when coils injectors spark plugs wiring sensor readings are all good and it only misses in R D 1 or 2 not in P or N something to do with tranny?

Remove the #2 spark plug and look at it. If it is dry, most likely the fuel injector is clogged or otherwise not working (could be bad wiring to injector, open injector coil). If it is wet, the plug isn't firing. Check the compression of the cylinder while you're at it, compare the pressure to other good cylinders for proper range. It is more apparent that it misses while in gear because there is more load on the engine than when in P or N. It's most likely missing all the time, though.

1999 Chevy suburban cylinder 3 misses and than stops and than misses again Changed spark plugs wires distributor cap and rotor cap It will also backfire when driving?

Runa compression check. If it has low compression in that cylinder you might have a burned or sticking valve.

1997 MERCURY mystique missing not spark but fuel changed fuel filter can it be a fuel pump if still running ruff?

this is most likely a bad injector. Try a tank of premium gas and Lucas injector cleaner. If it still misses, you probably need to change an injector.

97 f150 46 liter cylinder 1 misfire plugs and wires are new but still misses very bad any help?

It could be several things. that coil pack could be going bad, although that is unlikely. It could be a plugged injector, or it could be a bad piston ring, or valves ( In other words engine issues)

1990 Geo Tracker 4x4 and it misses when you accelerate why?

could be a clogged injector, a bad coil or a bad hall-effect switch in the distributor

1989 Chev Suburban Misfire Engine misses replaced plugs dist cap and rotor disconnected egr valve ran good for a week then started missing again i noticed one plug wire that was bad used fuel cleaner?

You might want to replace ignition calbles too.

Why does Stihl chainsaw misses at high rpm and has no power?

rings are burned and there is only enough compression to run the engine without load.

2002 Nissan Sentra misses at 3500 rpm and is down on power?

A bad spark plug or spark plug wire can cause your engine to miss and lack power. A bad fuel injector or dirty fuel injector can also cause the problem.

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Your 98 Blazer misses for 20 to 30 minutes in all ranges then only has a slight miss in idle Where do you look?

Does the check engine light illuminate? If so, check the codes. If not, replacement of spark plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor would be a good place to start. Could also be a faulty fuel injector (not uncommon). If all that fails to cure the problem, a compression test may show something.

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Why is my 96 camaro misfiring on number three?

could be bad spark plug bad plug wire bad cap bad rotor bad injector just check the plug try switching the wire from three with another if it then misses on same cylinder then pull cap and rotor and check for any burnt spots other than where spark should be sparkin if there are repace cap and rotor if none then its the injector try switching injectors to make double shure its the injector before you go buy a costly part if not the injector take it in

90 town car 302i replaced spark plugs spark plug wires fuel fillter rotor and cap engine still misses?

Time for a compression test. Mark the spark plug wires so that you'll know where to put them back. Pull all plugs, screw in a compression gauge and have an assistant crank the engine with the accellerator full open. Let the engine crank until you hear the compression hit the gauge at least 3 times, then stop and look at the pressure reading on the gauge. Record the reading for each gauge. If one or more gauge is significantly below the others, you probably have a burned exhaust valve, the most common cause of low compression in one cylinder.

2000 plymouth breeze you bought it with a broke timing belt so you replaced it and now your car skips and misses at idle speed and you dont what else you can do so someone plzs help you out its a 4cyl?

If that engine is an "interference" type engine it is very possible some valve damage was done when the belt broke. That would explain your symptoms. A compression test should give you an answer to that one.

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1994 grand am misses or jerks under a load what could be the cause?

Not running on all cylinders: Bad spark plug? Bad spark plug wire? Bad valve? blown piston? Do a compression test

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