My Joints are cracking a lot does that mean i am missing a vitamin?

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Yes Indeed for a start take vitamin E and Vitamin D for your bones.
Still if you don't feel the difference then just pray to god and he will make wonders in your life.
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Can Vitamin B make you pee a lot?

Answer . Well it sure can make the color of your urine flouresent. If you have recently started taking vitamins, you probably are becoming more health conscious and this means drinking more water. Hence, more trips to the bathroom. Thanks. From AAFGROUPIE: I just started taking multi-vitamins an ( Full Answer )

How do you ease cracking joints?

Answer . My sister-in-law has this problem with the right side of her neck. She sees a specialist who works with stretching the whole body, muscle electrical impulses and acupuncture and it's working.

Why do joints crack?

WHY DO JOINTS CRACK?? Joints crack due to loss of protein,iron and iodine. mostly when we do not get enough nutrients essential to our body. eating fish bones and drinking milk daily can cure this. Old people get this joint cracking a lot. but sometimes when we these problems some times cann ( Full Answer )

Why does it feel better when you crack your joints?

Because sometimes the joints are stiff and when they are cracked it relaxes them. Cracking them also releases endorphins in your brain. Endorphins make you feel good. Their released during sex too. It's not harmful or anything it's just bubbles in the joints being popped.

Why would your joints crack all the time?

Answer . This sounds like you need some essential fatty acids inside you and some gucosamine sulphate. Go to the healthfood shop like Holland and Barrats or another good reputable one and they will be able to give you lots of help. If theres no improvement after about one month to six weeks vist ( Full Answer )

Does it mean you are pregnant if you missed your period have a lot of symptoms of pregnancy but the pregnancy test said no?

If you have missed one period, and the pregnancy test said negative, the 'symptoms' of pregnancy may be mostly psychological.. It is possible to miss a period, or to have a late one. Wait another week, try another pregnancy test, and ensure you understand the directions fully.. A missed period doe ( Full Answer )

Cocaine laced joints effects are they like smoking crack?

Answer . Yes, but only slighty because the pot probably has more of an effect than the coke.. ^^^The answer above is mostly incorrect. See the blurb below to give you a little better idea of what a cocaine laced joint actually does...if anything, it's just exposing you to harmful chemicals rathe ( Full Answer )

Why do your joints crack?

Two reasons, too much phosphorous in the weed or im not sure This happens to me and my doctor says there are airbubbles in between the joints. The cracking is you're bones moving (popping the bubble).

Is cracking your knuckles harmful to your joints?

yes dummmy its called arthrites! Answer 2 In fact, it does harm your knuckles, but not arthritis. I'm the living proof. It doesn't hurt, but the joints I cracked are swollen. The XRay scans certainly didn't look pretty. Probably damaged ligaments said the doctor. In case you wonder: my general hea ( Full Answer )

What happens in consuming lot of vitamins?

Your body can not absorb vitamins after a certain point. You will expel what your body can't use. Certain vitamins can be harmful if taken in large doses. It is best if you can eat a well balanced diet and skip the vitamins all together. If you can't do that, than stick with a one a day vitamin. ( Full Answer )

Why do all my joints crack?

gases in the synovial fluid inside your joints burst like a bubble causing that sound.

What happens when you crack your knuckle a lot?

The urban legend is that cracking your knuckles causes arthritis. This not true. What happens is that when you hyper-extend a joint the synovial fluid (joint lubricant) decompresses and releases its dissolved gasses. The cracking sound comes from the gases rapidly being released from the fluid. ( Full Answer )

How do you say 'I miss you a lot' in French?

"tu me manques beaucoup". \nI miss you a lot:\nTu me manques beaucoup\n. \nIf you know some French it may seem a little confusing. Literally it means, you are missing (/lacking) to me, the word me is the indirect object. It's just a French idiom.

It is bad if you crack a joint?

It isn't good... But cracking knuckles and other joints doesnt cause any damage. However if you crack your neck and back, there is a possibility of pinching a nerve or straining a muscle so be careful.

Is missing her family a lot in Portuguese?

She is longing for her family- . Ela está sentindo saudades da sua família. . Or . Ela está sentindo saudades da família dela.

Is cracking knee joints bad?

The cracking of knee joints is a bad sign of verse things to come, as it is aging of the bones and less calcium. You should also go visit your doctor and they will find a soulition.Or you can just put some kind of healing liquids(similar to water)like vasalean and in one whole month it is gone

What has a lot of vitamin D?

Vitamin D is mostly received through ultraviolet rays (exposure to the sun), but it is also found in foods such as liver, fish liver oil and fish species such as Tuna or Salmon.

What vitamin helps with inflammation of the joints?

Foods or vitamins that help with joint pain Berries: Vitamin C-which is abundant in strawberries, blueberries and raspberries-may help slow wear and tear on your joints. A study from Boston University Medical Center shows that arthritis sufferers who had the highest vitamin C intake were three ( Full Answer )

Does cracking your joints especially the knuckles cause arthritis?

No it doesn't. This is a common misconception. Your joints contain fluid which assist in cushioning and preventing the two or more bones from grinding against each other. Cracking your knuckles or joints forces the fluid into other parts of the joint. The popping noise comes from the high pressured ( Full Answer )

Can Vitamin K deficiency cause cracked fingertips?

Very unlikely. There are many possible causes including; eczema, under-active thyroid, diabetes, fungal infection, not drying hands properly, cold weather etc. Worth having a general health check?

Is always being able to crack joints bad?

No it is not bad at all. The cracking noise comes from a gas bubble in your joint. I have always cracked my joints for as long as I can remember and they always feel better after I crack them. To some people it is gross, but 25% of the United States have a habit of doing it.

What happens if you crack your joints?

Bits of cartilage are torn away every time you crack a joint. When you feel like you need to crack a part of your body you often dont crack the right place. The only reason you feel good is because there is a chemical release in the body that tells your brain "that feels good." the effects of crack ( Full Answer )

How do you say missing you lots papi?

Extrañandote mucho papi.... but you could also say: te extraño mucho papi or te estoy extrañando mucho papi

Can a cracked CV boot cause noise in the CV joint?

A cracked boot itself won't cause a CV joint to make noise. However, a cracked boot WILL cause the grease to be slung out and allow dirt to enter the CV joint. And a contaminated CV joint that is starved for lubricant WILL eventually start to make noise.

Is cracking joints bad?

no... simply because your not actually cracking bone... justpopping air bubbles in between the joints that form from stress andtension

What happens if you take in a lot of vitamin A?

When too much of any vitamin or mineral is absorbed in to the body it is called a toxicity. If too much vitamin A is absorbed the toxicity symptoms are bone defects such as weakened bones or osteoporosis that can cause fractures and birth defects. Birth defects are less common but vitamin A suppleme ( Full Answer )

Does vitamin b make you pee a lot?

Vitamin B-6 is known to have mild diuretic effects, especially when taken in larger doses; yes it would cause you to pee more than usual.

What vitamin was missing in the sailor's diet?

Vitamin C! They Got Scurvy If They had A Lack Of Vitamin C. That is why the British sailor's were called limeys, because they would eat lots of limes to prevent scurvy.

What foods contain a lot of vitamins?

all vegetables and fruits also dairy products like milk and cheese eggs fries milk oatmeal has a large amount of several different vitamins Vitamins are vital foods!

What can happen if you dont eat a lot of vitamins?

Different vitamins are needed for different things. You will probably have a vitamin deficiency. For instance, if you don't get enough of Vitamin A, you skin and vision may become unhealthy.

How is cracking your joints unhealthy?

My joints have cracked for years. Usually feels good when I crack them. As I age, more joints are cracking. Its getting a bit ridiculous. So far on the web, consensus seems to be that without pain, there's no real problem; but don't crack your fingers constantly. I find taking chondroitin glucosami ( Full Answer )

Why is it bad to crack your joints?

It is a common myth that cracking your knuckles causes arthritis , but it is not true. It is, however, annoying!!

How do you say 'I missed you a lot' in Japanese?

大変淋しかったよ - taihen samishikattayo = You really missed them a lot 大変会いたかったよ - taihen aitakattayo = You really wanted to see them badly

What does Vitamins means?

Vitamins are essential for all body functions like growth, repair of tissues and to maintain normal metabolism. These are naturally occurring compounds present in most foods. The human body cannot produce vitamins and therefore has to acquire them from external sources.

How do you say will miss you a lot in Japanese?

Mono sugoku aitai desu. Say: MO-NOH SUGOKU EYE-THAI DES ものすごく会いたいですLiterally translation: [I] really want to meet [you]

What should you do if you shot crack and missed your vein?

If you're attempting to treat yourself at home (not recommended),simply run the injured area under warm water & gently pressagainst it to reduce the chance of an abscess forming. If the areaswells or bubbles largely, see a doctor immediately; otherwise, usea warm compress, cleanse it with alcohol, & ( Full Answer )