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Well, without taking off the hood, try to pop it open, after it clicks, pull up on the hood. One of the cables are probably preventing it from opening. You could lso have someone pull on the hood, while you pull your lever.

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โˆ™ 2006-08-16 00:15:20
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Q: My Olds Cierra 96's hood got stuck. The battery cables were taken off but I accidentally closed the hood. Now the hood doesn't open it makes a click sound when I try to open it. Can some one help me?
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connect another cars battery with jumper cables. Will power the trunk motor, and allow it to be closed once cables are connected ( PROPERLY ). You might even be able to jump start car. Good luck

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Why does your jaguar xk8 drain its battery when left overnight?

Check that your doors close completely (windows do not hang up on the convertible top). Also after your battery has drained or cables removed (to charge or replace battery) the power windows on the convertible model must be "retrained" to close correctly. The procedure is in your owner's manual but basically it is to sit inside the vehicle with door closed and lower the window then raise. When the window is fully closed do not remove your finger from the "up" button but keep depressed for approx 25 seconds. If properly done and assuming the battery has enough charge, when you open door the window should lower automatically a fraction to clear the convertible top then automatically raise when the door is shut. Do the same for the passenger door.