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No chance at all, don't worry


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a small percent can go You can get pregnant, you are playing with fire. The chances are quite low, but they are there. If you don't want to get pregnant don't get your genitals anywhere near each other or use a proper form of contraception.

No. Sperm dry and die on contact with air so wiping your hand and not touching the girl for 5 minutes would ensure the sperm were dead. You are playing with fire. Ensure you are using contraception. A fourth ejaculate will contain nearly as many sperm as the first one. It all depends on WHERE you ejaculated. If you ejaculated in or anywhere near her vagina, there IS a risk of pregnancy. If you ejaculated on her breasts, in her mouth, on her face, or anywhere away from her vagina and you cleaned it off, there is NO chance of pregnancy.

But what in the world does playing soccer -- or NOT playing soccer -- have to do with your not having a boyfriend? You DO mean SOCCER, don't you, and not American-style football?!!Because if you're playing American football, well, you might have a tough time finding a boyfriend. A girlfriend, okay, but not a boyfriend.

You are playing pregnancy roulette. You can have sex many many times without protection and not get pregnant, but if you are both fertile, there will come a time when you will get pregnant. It's simply a matter of playing the odds.

she had an Italian boyfriend when she was playing there during 2004-05 season.

If he is your boyfriend, no. He's already committed to you so why play games?

If he is playing games and you were to be in a monogamous relationship - its not worth it. It would be in your best interest to let him go as you deserve better and chances are he will continue to do this to the next girl(s) he is with. Say bye and move on.

It depends on what kind of surgery you had

There are chances that by playing games or involving yourself in physical activities you can break your hymen.

The likelihood is very high that she will get pregnant as men have pre-cum wich contains sperm. so it doesnt matter wether or not the man ejaculates inside her. If you are having sex and you use the withdrawl method the chances are still just as high as if you ejaculated inside of her. And by doing it at her most fertle time you are playing with fire so If you dont want a baby be extra careful and use protection. Remember this saying If you play with fire you will get burnt. I hope this helps :)

Unfortunately, your ex boyfriend is playing games with you and treating you with disrespect. If he meant what he said about working things out he would be right there with you trying to do just that. Kick this guy to the curb. Nine chances out of ten he is playing around with other young women. You can do much better. Get back into dating; realize you deserve better and eventually that special guy will come into your life.

By playing hard to get and kissing him or by playing with him so that he can get horney or giving him the puppy doll face

No, it is much too young to be playing the boyfriend game. but start at a young age to learn from your mistakes.

You'd have to install a mod unless you're playing with real people, if you are just charm the pants off of them.

1 in 97 if you play highschool or college baseball.

Never heard of that before but i guess there are chances of epilepsy

Technically there is a possibility that pregnancy could occur under these conditions. If these 2 events were to happen within minutes of each other there could be the possibility that pregnancy can occur. If the girl had a egg ready to be fertilized, and the sperm managed to come in contract with the egg, they could join and a pregnancy could occur. It is not a very likely situation, but still a slim possiblity.

If he is playing call of duty and giving one word responses....

I dont think so, because if it would chances are it would be playing now:D

playing around is bad don't let your boyfriend hoping you because if you will continue that he will not accept you anymore and you should tell the truth and the truth will set you free, you know. No. Not playing around like that. Playing around like buddies. Joking and talking. He was afraid that would change. This happened long ago.

Have you ever heard music before? If you have, then chances are that there was either a drum, or some kind of percussive instrument playing! So I would conclude that 'drum playing' is pretty f*^%#$^ popular!

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