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No NO No He is not right. Effexor is an anti depresent right? One of the Effexor side effects is lack of libido. That's right. No disire to have sex. once the Effexor is out of his system all the old desires will come back. Hang in and hang on.

2006-08-15 20:18:57
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Have Victoria Justice a boyfriend?

no. right now she doesnt and shes single

What does it mean when your boyfriend says i think you're the right girl for me?

He thinks your the right one but he doesnt actually know.

What should you do to make a guy be your boyfriend?

be yourself if he doesnt like you for who you are then he probably isn't right for you

Who should you pick your boyfriend or the guy you really like?

It depends if the boyfriend doesnt treat you right then my choice would be the boy you really like.

What do you do when your boyfriend acts careless about you?

i personally would dump him.if he doesnt care about you why should you right?

What does it mean if you ask a girl out and she says she cant answer that right now cause she has a boyfriend?

It means she has a boyfriend, and she doesnt want to cheat on him but she might still think about going out with you.

How do you get your boyfriend back after you betrayed him?

Tell him your very sorry and ask if hell take you back, if he doesnt answer right away then give him some time

Should you break up with your boyfriend if something does not feel right but you don't know what it is?

if something doesnt feel right in your realtionship. maybe you should talk about it first with him/her. you never no who you could be losing. but if after you talk abeout it and it still doesnt feel right it could just be your imagination running, or it could be that you are right that, something may be wrong.

Can Effexor and Celexa be taken together?

Yes, I am On both right now for anxiety and depression.

What does mccain think about abortions?

he doesnt think that it is right he doesnt think that it is right

What happens if you take Effexor for fun?

I would not suggest it, it has the worse withdrawal symptomsever. I'm not sure if they can start in as little as a couple ofdosesbut why chance it, it feels worse then coming offheroinand can last months. I'm on effexor right now and god forbid I miss a single dose. Now I'm on it for life. Do your self a favor and don't even try.

What does it mean when girl asks guy about weekend plans She has a boyfriend but I have a crush on her No idea if she likes me or not Any ideas what this means?

she may be looking for somebody who treats her right. If she doesnt have any weekend plans with her boyfriend-not a sign of a good relationship. She may want to be in a relationship with osmeone who'll treat her right

What are some cool 3D websites where you can have a boyfriend and chat but doesnt ask for your email address?

go to super power chat and click chat in the right hand corner

Can you take Effexor and Concerta together?

Yes! i'm doing it right now(: concerta has been great for me.

Who is Eugene Kim's boyfriend?

Eugene does not have a boyfriend right this moment.

Who is rihanas new boyfriend?

she doesn't have a boyfriend right now

What does it mean when you dream about having a boyfriend that you have never seen before?

it means you either want a bf real bads.., or that the right perdson is coming! good luck!

How can you get a really popular boyfriend if he doesnt really notice you?

Just try and be friends with him or start a conversation with him. Ask him about sports if he plays any sport, just talk to him. Then when the time is right ask him out!!

What are the openings coming into the right atrium coming from?

They are coming from the lungs.

What to do if your boyfriend doesnt treat you right and you tell him and he does the same thing over and over again?

Tell him that he needs to change his ways or your breaking up with him. If he doesn't change then do exactly what you told him and break up with him.

Why does a girl break up with her boyfriend?

There could have been a unfortunate passing in her family and she dosnt want any distraction or exams are coming up and doesnt want any distraction also she probablt just dosnt have feeling for u snymore . She could b un happy in her elationship urprobably not treating her right shr dosnt like it

What is the right time to have a boyfriend?

If you feel you are ready to have a boyfriend than your probably right. But never forget not all realtionships are forever

What would you do at a prom?

REALLY?? its easy you ask your crush to dance and you dance slow then you get some refreshments and sit down and talk... you just have a good time with your boyfriend its pretty much your date with your boyfriend because senior is 16 right?? if it is then that is the right time to date. and they are giving you and your boyfriend time for your first date as seniors soo if your prom is coming up pick someone you like and have a good time with them! :)

Who is Rihanna boyfriend now?

Rihanna's boyfriend right now is Matt Kemp.

How old to have a boyfriend?

you should have a boyfriend when you are 18 and above. you can make the right decisions.