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That does not make him gay. Sometimes when you are around people long enough you pick up their behaviours and habits which in turn seems to be happening with him.

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Is Carly and sam is gay?

No they are not but they are best friends Miranda cosgrove actually has a boyfriend

Is brent corrigan gay in films or gay in real life?

Brent Corrigan is gay in real life, and acts in gay films, he actually got into gay films because of his boyfriend. Hope it helps.

Is dan smith from Bastille gay?

I know he has a boyfriend, but Iโ€™m not sure how he labels himself.

Why is my gay boyfriend keeping me a secert from others?

He dosent want his friends to know that you exist

Can your boyfriend be a crossdresser but not be gay?

Id say hes definitely gay, what you should do is post some pictures of him crossdressing on facebook and if his friends say hes gay, then he must be gay

How do you tell if a guy likes you gay?

mostly you wouldnt, im not gay myself, i have a boyfriend, but have a few gay and lesbian friends. they tell me just to go for it. who cares, ask em out!! :)

You love someone whos gay?

Personally, yes. I do have friends who are gay and I love them very much. I'm in fact gay as well and have a boyfriend, so that's a big yes for me.

Is Burton Cummings gay and if so that is ok do you know the name of his partner?

His name is cumming XD

How do you find a gay boyfriend?

Any friends? If not do the following: Well, look online, in newspaper or on special websites for dating.

When you are in a heterosexual relationship why does your boyfriend feel uncomfortable when you hang out with your gay GUY friends?

like hello are u a lezbo

What do you do if you figure out your boyfriend is gay?

The only thing you can do. If you boyfriend is gay you have to respect that and let him go.

What is the name of Carmen's boyfriend in George Lopez on the episode of Carmen's gay boyfriend?

Carmen's gay boyfriend name is Noah

How do you deal with my boyfriend being gay?

He probably wouldn't be your boyfriend if he were gay. If he is, then you can only wish him luck with other gay guys :)

Is Cat Osterman gay?

No, She is not gay and has a boyfriend....

My husband's boyfriend peel prawn shell for him is he gay?

Well because he is gay, he cannot do it himself, so therefore it would in fact be apropriate to peel the prawn shells for him. If your husband's boyfriend wishes he may also feel him said prawns by first chewing them himself, and then feeding them to your husband in the "baby bird" fashion.

What are the signs to look for that your long-term boyfriend is gay?

Ask him. :) If you and your boyfriend go to the movies and there is a guy sitting between you two, then that would be a pretty good indication!! a lot of time men who r gay paint there nials and things like that but if you go to the movies with friends and your boyfriend just happens to be sitting next to a guy then that does not awlays mean that he is gay

Why is your boyfriend shy of you but not to his friends?

Girls I'm sorry. Theres only one story to this.... He's gay. Sorry. You need to move on.. It's scientifically proven... I don't think his gay but think he your boyfriend and he shy a bit because he's worried what friends would say even thou you are a great girl

Does Leo howard have a boyfriend?

No! I mean he is not gay to have a boyfriend. He can have a girlfriend but not a boyfriend.

How can you find a gay boyfriend?

Although most straight men claim to be anti gay, the truth is more men than will admit have had or are having gay sex. The chances of finding a gay boyfriend is very high. Any gay bar, and in some cases a straight bar will lead you to a potential boyfriend. Gay chat rooms. A boyfriend is out there.

Who is Megan Rapinoe's boyfriend?

She does not have a boyfriend she is gay and has a girlfriend.

How can you find out if your boyfriend is gay?

You tell him that he is stupid!... and gay!

How can a gay boy get Justin bieber to be his boyfriend?

The gay boy can say, "Hey, Justin, Be my boyfriend!" And he will accept.

Your best friend had a boyfriend Recently one of his friends is pregnant with his baby He says he is gay?

This isn't a question, but one comment is that it's very possible for gay men to impregnate women.

Why is mel Gibson Gay?

He acts and actors are all gay.

Is Daniel garofali gay?

he talks and acts extremley gay