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My check air suspension on my 1995 Lincoln town car comes on after the pump comes on for a few seconds yet the suspension is still low. What do I look for to fix it?


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September 13, 2011 11:54AM

You have to replace the Rear suspension Airbags.

start up the car and let the pump run, then when the signal comes on "check air suspension" turn the car off and listen at the rear wheels for sound of air escaping. if you u hear any air escaping u need to replace the bags. also the height sensor can cause this problem if its not working correctly. its a small plastic plunger located in the middle of the rear axel

The air bags on this can be expensive. You can save a lot of money buy converting the air to a non air suspension. offers conversion kits for many vehicles including Town Cars. I replaced the ride on my moms Town Car about 2 years ago. She loved it. I say away with the air and give them a call.