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The term DDR SDRAM refers to the phrase "double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory". DDR SDRAM is simply a faster version of SDRAM in which data travels at a double rate. If your computer specs say that it uses DDR SDRAM it can take DDR SDRAM, but not SDRAM. DDR is 184 pins and has a notch in the bottom near the center and you will be unable to put DDR in an SDRAM mother board and also unable to put SDRAM in a DDR motherboard. Recently a new type of RAM has been introduced to market called DDR2. DDR2 is its own type and will not fit into a DDR motherboard. Hope this helps. Peace.

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Q: My computer specs say DDR SDRAM will it be able to support DDR as well or just DDR SDRAM?
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Depending on the specs of the motherboard, a motherboard that supports ECC SDRAM may support a non-ECC SDRAM module. If a motherboard can support both types, you would have the option to enable or disable the ECC feature in BIOS. Other than the fact that an ECC module has an odd number of chips, there is no other physical difference on the module. They are keyed the same, unlike buffered and unbuffered SDRAM modules. Because of this fact, a motherboard would not be able to support both buffered and unbuffered modules. The motherboard's memory slots must be configured specifically for the buffered or unbuffered memory module. - You can substitute non-ECC memory on an ECC board, and the error-checking feature will be shown disabled in CMOS. Go the manufacturers website of your motherboard and check out the specifications on your motherboard. If it does not say unbuffered memory then it will not accept it. Some motherboards accept both in the same port.

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