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This is probably caused because your cruise control switch under the brake pedal is not connected properly. You need to get your head in the footwell and look upwards; you will be able to make out a red switch (Brake lights) and a white switch (cruise control) above the brake pedal (follow the long metal stalk upwards until you see the switches. You need to push the white switch towrads the front of the car, so there will be a connection, allowing the cruise control to work. Do not push it too far though, otherwise the cruise control won't disable when you press the brake pedal (when your driving along). You will do best using a long, thin flat headed screwdriver to move the switches around. A pocket torch is very handy, also some cushions/rugs draped over the door sill will ease the pain (You will see what I mean!!!). Hope this helps, if you need any other questions answering join the "406 coupe club) online- it's completely free I signed up a week ago and it is fantastic. Regards, Martin.

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Q: My cruise control doesn't work on my 406 coupe 3.0 v6 I feel it judder on the gas pedal slightly when trying to engage it but wont stay?
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Cruise control won't engage?

If the cruise control will not engage, there might be a problem with the Electronic Fuel Injector or the MAP Sensor. There might also be a problem with the Oxygen Sensor. Some autos have more than one oxygen sensor.

When driving my truck will engage the throttle all on its own?

un hook the cruise control

1993 Nissan sentra cruise control switch goes on but will not engage?

Check the vacuum hose that feeds into the cruise module in the engine.

What are the buttons on the steering wheel for on the 2000 mercury cougar coupe?

if its the same as mine, the on and off are on the left, and the = + - are on the right. they are for your cruise control. on turns it on, =sets the speed, and + makes the cruise control engage.

How come the cruise control blinks and does not engage on a Nissan Xterra?

Read the manual, but I believe it says when the cruise light blinks there is an error with the cruise control and should be checked. I have had mine blink before and then the next time I used it, it was fine.

Nissan Xterra has a button on lower left of steering wheel to Power OnOff for cruise control but cruise control will not engage nor will the light on the dash come on. Is there a fuse or simple fix?

I found a great mechanic in the area and within 2 hrs and 70.00 dollars later he found there is a screw in switch up and behind the brake pedal with a "plunger type of mechanism" which over time the cruise control cut-off switch managed to "unscrew itself" which caused the cruise control not to engage. He has my business.

Why would fwd not engage on a 1988 Blazer?

check vaccuum lines on cruise control and other things that use vac

The cruise control on a 2000 Elantra is not engaging does it need to be replaced?

Did you just turn it on from the dash or turn it on and then attempt to engage it with the wiper stick?

Why will the cruise control on a 2004 Hyundai Tiburon not engage at any speed?

Because you have to at least be at 25 mph or 30 km/h

How do you check the brake light switch on a 1994 Camry with cruise control?

Common issue...if the brake light swith is not working; the cruise control will not engage and your brake lights will not go on. replacing switch is easy and inexpensive...its located in the upper part of the brake pedal.

Cruise control on 1994 vw golf diesel won't engage?

I have a 1995 vw golf diesel and I am in the process of changing the cruise control computer a second time. The computers are known to fail, I would check it first. it is mounted behind the headlight switch (silver box).

Why would the cruise switch on left dash stop working Light doesn't come on and cruise function doesn't engage.?

Check that the cruise control module fuses are not blown in the fuse panel. Also make sure your stop lights are working; cruise controls are designed to disengage when the brakes are applied, and one method of sensing that is to monitor brake light current.

1992 4x4 explorer your cruse control will turn on but when you hit the brake to dis engage it it doesnt turn off whats the problem?

bad brake light switch

What is the button on the left side of the steering wheel of a Saturn ion?

The button on the inside left of the steering wheel is the power button to turn on the Cruise Control. The buttons on the inside right of the steering wheel control the acceleration and deceleration of the cruse control. To initialize cruise control you must get the car up to speed, turn the cruise control power button on. Then once at the desired speed depress the minus (-) button on the lower inside left of the steering wheel one time to engage. From there you can choose to go faster or slower by pressing and holding down on either the + or - symbol's.

If pressing the cruise control button on your steering wheel engages the light on your dash but doesn't engage the actual cruise control where could the problem be?

could be a vacume leak or a bad switch. A 2002 Intrique is an all electric cruise control. The fuse for the cruise control is in the passenger side dash panel. The controller box is located on the driver side strut/spring tower. A cable runs from the throttle to this box, which has a winch inside. This winch has a flat nylon ribbon on it that attaches to the cable just outside the box. If the controller is working, the nylon ribbon has broke. A new box is ~ $200. A roll of the perfect size strap is 80 cents at Wally world. Sew the new ribbon to the old making very sure you get the length as close as possible. If it is too long, you will set the cruise on 80 and it may not pull the throttle til 35, no problem, just shorten the cable. On the opposite side make sure there is enough slack to let the throttle close when the box is off. Hope this helps. I just got a new car (Toyota Corolla S) with cruise control and after I press the cruise control button, a CC light comes up on the dash. However, this is not engaging the cruise control. You may need to flick one of the levers near or on your steering wheel to engage. Hopefully one of these two answers helps you.

Why will 96 Volvo 850 cruise control not engage nor dash light not come on?

Have a look under the tech manuals on the following site they have helped me no end and apperar to be offical Volvo tech sheets.

Why does your cruise control only work occasionally on your 96 Chevy Silverado?

Check the release switch that connects to the brakes. On many vehicles the brake light switch will cause the cruise to disengage. Next time, try pulling up on the brake pedal when you engage cruise. If it works when you're pulling up, you might be able to adjust the switch. It's physically connected to the brake pedal.

My cruise control won't work in my 1994 eagle talon?

there are a number of sensors that may be the problem, I recommend getting a manual (such as a Haynes manual) to check these, I had a problem where my clutch pedal spring wore out and did not fully return to engage the sensor.

How do you fix cruise control 2003 trialblazer?

On the turn signal "switch" there is a button on the end that you push to engage, then to the left of the windshield wiper settings is a switch you can move left or right, moving it left will disengage the cruise control moving it right will increase the speed by about 1-2 mph every time you move it. This is a picture to make it easier in case I gave a bad description.

1999 Ford Taurus - Cruise control stopped engaging. I had the stop light switch replaced recently. Is this problem related to the repair?

The stop light switch may cause the problem. If not adjusted properly it will not allow the cruise to engage. Check that there is no contact with the switch (Plunger) while the brake is not being depressed.

2003 Ford Escape cruise control set button doesn't work When You press the onoff button it lights up the green cruise on the dash but then when you hit the set nothing happens.?

We had the exact same thing happen on our 2003 ford escape. We took it to the repair shop and they discovered that the throttle cable from the actual cruise control unit inside the engine compartment had become disconnected from the throttle body. They put the cruise control's throttle cable back onto the throttle body and it worked just fine. No need to replace any parts, just labor to re-attach. Not sure how it came off, but since yours appears to have done the same; perhaps its just a design flaw. Thus, the cruise control is fully operational (which is why the light on your dash comes on when you engage the cruise control), but it has lost it's ability to actually apply throttle to the engine.

If I am to disconnect ground to battery to dis engage the airbag to take steering wheel apart how do I test my switches like horn and cruise control without having them directly connected to the pwr?

After removing the airbag, you reconnect battery to test horn.

What causes my cruise control to constantly adjust itself up and down and then after a few minutes it will just shut off. It will re-engage but then repeat the process.?

Cruise control problems are very serious issues, If you are at all unsure weather or you are confident to handle this or have your family at risk, I would take it to a shop for professionial help. is afew things to try on your own,, cruise control basicialy works on vacuum ,check the vacuum release switch above the brake pedal, or check the vehicle speed sensor, or may have a bad vacuum line,, and always check the fuse.

1995 Chevy Camaro Z28 there is a weird little left-right switch on the Turn Signal. What does it do if messed with it and nothing happens?

That switch is for the cruise control. All the way left is off. Move to the middle turns on CC. Push and hold to the right is "Accel". Also, there is a button on the end of the stalk. That is the speed "Set" button. Cruise control on the camaro generally won't engage under 30 - 35 mph.

How do you operate cruise control on a 2003 Chevy Blazer?

The cruise control switch should be on the turn signal control arm. There is a three position switch; off, on and resume are the three positions; "off" to your left, "resume" to the right and "on" in the center when you are sitting in the drivers seat looking at the switch. The switch needs to be in the on position and when you reach the speed you wish to "cruise" push and briefly hold in the button on the end of the turn signal control arm; the "set" button. This should engage the cruise control, to accelerate you can push the three position switch to the resume position until you have reached the speed you want to change to and to decelerate you can push the set button. Do not relase the resume switch to quickly, it is a spring loaded position, a momentary switch, and the spring may have enough strength to push the switch past the on position to the off position if released quickly. The resume can be used to return to a set speed after braking or clutching as touching the brakes or the clutch if a manual transmission model will disengage the cruise control. Hope this helps.