My girlfriend is 16 I was 18 i got her pregnant now her mom wants to press charges is that possible or is there a 3 year leeway thing in Illinois?

Here in Pennsylvania, you can have sex with a 16 year old and not face criminal charges no matter how old you are. In Illinois the Age of Consent is 17. As for your case, I don't know if there is a "Romeo & Juliet" provison. That is a law that allows someone over the age of consent to have sex with someone who is under the age of consent as long as the two of them are a certain number of years apart (usually 2-4 years). If there is no such law in Illinois, then I recommend that you tell angry Mom of the teenage Mom-to-be that you are really sorry for impregnating her daughter. Tell angry Mom that you are totally in love with her daughter and want to make a life with her. It would be nice that this were true (and I hope it is). Also tell her her that if her grandkid is a boy, the two of you plan on naming it after angry Mom's father and if it is a girl then you plan on naming it after her mother (i.e. the baby to be's great grandmother). If it really looks like that angry Mom wants to throw you in jail, then propose to her daughter and Mary the poor girl. If you don't love her than you can always get divorced a couple of years later. At least this way you will avoid a criminal record. As for child support. The girl and the State can still come after you whether you marry her or not, so you have nothing to lose by making her your wife. I just hope you two can make it work, and laugh about this issue with your girlfriend's mom at your kid's college graduation (trust me: you may be only 18 now, but in what just seems like 5 years you will realize that you are 40 and wonder where all the time has gone)