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I have an sore eye headache over lft eye, and my nostril has a little burning sensation to it

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Why do I get stabbing pains on the left side of my head?

either you have a headache or you have someone stabbing you on the left side of your head

What does it mean when you get a brain freeze and your lower left back feels the same sensation as your head?

I have the exact same problem, only mine is in the thoracic spine. I have a herniated disc there. I would love to know the answer....

What is Hephaestus' problem?

Hephaestus is considered very unnattractive to all of the gods and goddessess, and feels somewhat left out.

What is it when I feel a tapping sensation on the left side of my head a few inches above my ear?

someone,s in your head!!

Do you have a problem if you think that everyone hates you?

No, you don't have a problem. You may just feel left out or had a fight with someone. This is totally normal.

What does it mean to have a goat head left on the hood of your car?

It means that someone doesn't like you.

How do you kiss someone without crushing noses?

Both people can turn their head left or right or one person can tilt their head.

Who feels left out all the time?

i did

What is the song with the music video with the amount of time someone had left in life over their head?

Savin' me by nickelback

What 5 ways was Romans healthy?

shake his head left, then right everytime someone offers him food

What does Ariel feel when she sings Part of your world?

She feels she wants to be there she feels left out and lonely

Why don't the car speakers work the left side on 1998 mercury mystique?

It could be a loose connection, it could be a problem with the speakers, or it could be a problem with the head unit.

What could be the problem if the left side of your head hurts when you cough?

Stress induced headache that is minor it only comes out when you cough.

Why would someone wants to suicide?

Because they don't have enough guts to face the situation and find a option to run away from it. But choosing a option like suicide can't be solution of any problem, this shows how weak you are. Someone might want to commit suicide because he/she feels like there's no choice left but to take their life. He/she feels like that nothing is left for them in the real and doesn't want to feel like dealing with it all. There are a lot of things that could make a person lead to suicide as a lot of people are different from others and deal with things differently.

What might cause a throbbing pain in the lower right base of the skull It feels tight when I turn my head to the right side where the throbbing occurs.There is no swelling involved at this time.?

What would cause a head pain when my head it more so turned to the right than the left?

Left turn signal indicator inside the car comes on when i turn on the main head lights?

sounds like a wiring problem

Why does everytime I walk my left knee pops and cracks and feels stiff?

You would have to get the knee x raye'd or scanned to know what is happening to youThere may be a problem with ligaments or cartilage.

Why do you think sonseray feels this way?

he fells left out

How do you adjust Volvo s40 headlight?

We had a light alignment problem on our 2007 S40 and they could not adjust due to the design of the head lights... The fix was to replace the left 2007 S40 head light with a 2008 S40 head light....

What does it mean when chest feels tight heart feels like its beating faster and left arm feels heavy?

possible heart attack....go to the hospital

Often when I give oral to my girlfriend I start to get an extreme painin my temples and the top of my head It feels like pressure and really hurts It left me with a headache for days. What is wrong?

You have a headache

You have tingling down whole of your left side of body from head to toe?

consult a doctor immediately as this could be the early symptoms of a serious problem.

Why does all the joints on left side of my body crack and are stiff and ache from head to toe?

i have the same problem and im 24 years old

Ok so I have a dull pain in the lower left side of my head It feels like it's in my brain ya I actually know it is I am not stupid The pain will enter and leave at random times Any diagnostics?

If you have dull pain in the lower left side of your head, and it feels like it is in your brain, this could be a tension headache. If the pain enters and leaves, it may also be a torn muscle, or something equally as minor. See a doctor for confirmation and testing.

What way do you tilt your head when kissing someone?

There is no certain way to tilt your head when kissing. When you're about to kiss someone your head kind of just tilts one way or the other. I personally prefer to tilt to the right but my boyfriend goes to the left so just try it out and see which way is more natural