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If you are actively working your policy is primary. If he has medicare then it is your policy, medicare and lastly Healthnet. If he is not eligible for medicare then it is your policy and then his. If you continue to have problems call BC/BS and ask them to do a conference call with Healthnet

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I m sorry to say the name insured on a homeowners policy is not usually covered if you husband is out of work due to cancer, you really should check about getting disability from social security. they will normally cover you if he is going to be out of work for at least 6 months or more.

Medicare Part A which is "Hospital Insurance." It pays as primary insurance for the long-term disability. It helps pay for inpatient hospital care, inpatient care in a skilled nurshing facility, home health care and hospice

As long as the husband enrolls the wife and vice versa you will have what is called secondary coverage. Now the husband will be his own primary and the wife will be secondary and the wife's plan will be her primary and the husband her secondary. In the case where there are any dependant children that are enrolled in both plans the older of the two parents will carry primary and the younger parent will be secondary.

Not generally. The only way to be sure would be to check with your primary doctor.

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Temporary disability benefits are also referred to as short term disability insurance. The primary characteristic is the limited duration of the benefit period - typically no more than two years. Long term disability pays a benefit from 5 years up to age 65. The term temporary disability is most commonly associated with state short term disability programs available in NJ, NY, RI, CA, and HI.

The birthday rule will decide who's plan is primary or secondary.

You should or you customer WILL be PISSED for having to do the leg work of getting the information of what the primary paid and getting it to their secondary.

You would each be primary on your own coverage and secondary on your spouse's.

Not if the mother is the primary caretaker and/or you have not been named as the designated payee by the SSA.

Interviews are primary sources 'cause the interviewers are getting the information from the source.

Yes, it is the responsibility of the primary insurance holder. The admission papers are also likely to have specified this.

It the wife has her husband on her work insurance plan than that is his primary insurance. If he is not covered on her plan then he would need to buy his own insurance. Once he gets on Medicare that would become his primary insurance. If his wife is still working once he gets on Medicare the primary carrier is determined by how many people work for her company. If there are less than 100 employees then Medicare would be primary.

Three methods for getting your name on the primary ballot of a party include lobbying, declaration of candidacy and petition.

Susan never held a proper job as she was the primary carer for her ill mother and has a mild disability herself.

The primary purpose of respite care is to relieve caregiver stress, thereby enabling them to continue caring for the individual with a disability.

His estate has primary responsibility. The spouse will likely be held as responsible as well.

An analyst recieves compensation from his client, and the agent recieves compensation from the insurance company.

This will have a LOT to do with the definition of total disability your policy provides you. If you purchased a True Own Occupation Disability policy, then Yes you can work as a practice owner and still receive 100% of your Disability benefits. The primary requirement is that you continue to be unable to perform the material and substantial duties of a Dentist. If the policy you purchased has a Modified Own Occupation definition of disability that working as a practice owner and earning an income will have a negative effect on the benefits you receive from your Long Term Disability insurance.

Technically the insurance can and often will make you take another job if your Disability contract has an "Any-Occupation" Definition of total disability. This definition says that benefits will only be paid if you are unable to do any occupation for which you can be expected to perform based on your experience, education and prior earnings.This is the primary reason why "Own-Occupation" Disability insurance is so important.

Typically the answer will be yes. The primary insurance holder will always be responsible.

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