My hymen has been broken by the use of tampons I have also been penetrated little but didn't go through with intercourse am I still a virgin?

The use of tampons and the breaking of the hymen does not take away your virginity. Lots of things can break the hymen, such as athletic activity. Nothing but sexual activity can take your virginity. You're good there. As far as penetration, there are differences of opinion. Some say any penetration is intercourse. Others say that its is not intercourse unless at least one of you reaches organism. You'll need to determine you're "status" by your conscience. I was in a similar situation when younger, and then, didn't consider it having lost my virginity. But now a few years later, I wonder. My goal in trying to maintain my virginity was to maintain my purity, whether it be at the time or until marriage. Am I really pure if a man has penetrated me? I just don't know. I'd say the past is the past (feeling guilty isn't useful) and you can decide as your heart leads about whether you are still a virgin or not. But going forward, if you treasure your virginity or it is important to you by religion or custom, I'd stay away from penetration and even anything else of genital contact. Though few would say that genital contact or oral sex takes your virginity, is the goal to see how far you can go w/o crossing the line or to be pure? That too is what you need to decide with your heart.