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Just remain calm and see that this gets prompt follow-up with a doctor's opinion. The office should have immediately set a new appointment with another sonogram and a doctor should always be there it diagnose pregnancy. Don't be too alarmed at 8 weeks the baby is only a little bigger than a grain of rice so you should be able to see something the next time they perform an ultrasound! Good Luck and God Bless! You are not having an ectopic as this is when the baby develops in a tube which then has to be removed. Answer: You must know by now what is happening. However, if not, your hormone levels needed to be checked to make sure the hCG and estrogen, progesterone are at the appropriate levels. If they are, there may still be a pregnancy. If not, the sac may be empty - the sac developed, however, the fetus did not.

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2008-08-08 18:38:04
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Q: My lmp was Jan I was told I am 8 weeks pregnant but my ultrasound today showed nothing. The nurse said the sac was 6 weeks and maybe too soon to see anything. Am I having an ectopic or worse?
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Can you get an ultrasound at three weeks?

At 3 weeks pregnant, it would be nearly impossible to see anything at all. It is possible that you may see a very small gestation sac, but nothing beyond that. Most doctors will not do an ultrasound this early.

How do you know if you had a chemical pregnancy?

Only a doctor can diagnose this with an ultrasound. The body will think you are pregnant but the ultrasound will show up an empty sac or nothing.

How bad is it to get pregnant early after an eptopic treated with methotrexate?

Well it is not beneficial to get pregnant right away. A body needs time to heal from the ectopic pregnancy, particularly if anything punctured, tore or ruptured. If you are pregnant again there is nothing you can do about that. Some women will have twins where one baby is ectopic and the other is not. So she delivers a healthy single baby after the ectopic pregnancy is resolved. If you are only concerned about the chemical having been in your body do not fear. It goes through the body within days.

Can you get heart burn with an ectopic pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy has nothing to do with heart burn.

What does ultrasound feel like?

Ultrasound is a high frequency sound that can penetrate through certain mediums.E.g. One can check if they are pregnant using ultrasound.I did it and felt nothing! so no worries!

Do you get watery diarrhea when you're pregnant?

Yes, You can get anything while you are pregnant that you can get while you are not pregnant. May be nothing to do with your pregnancy. Get it checked out.

Hcg levels are 2300 but nothing showing in ultrasound The radiologist doesn't see an ectopic prenancy What can this mean?

It is most likely an ectopic pregnancy and the embryo is still too small to be seen by an ultrasound. At that HCG level, your uterus lining should have thickened by now and made changes to prepare for the baby. If it has not done this, it is usually ectopic. I just went through this myself a couple weeks ago. In fact, your situation sounds identical to mine. Do not wait to get treatment for this. You don't want your tube to rupture. It can be life threatening to you.

If you are 4 weeks' pregnant and the doctor assumed ectopic because of pain but an exploratory lap found nothing and and your hcg is at 300 are you okay and will the surgery affect the baby?

It depends how far along into your pregnancy you are. Before you have the LAP I would get a abdominal ultrasound to make sure the baby is ok and also talk your concerns over with your doctor about the OP.

What does it mean if the ultrasound sHow is and empty sc at 7 weeks pregnant?

nothing, you just cant see it yet wait till it gets bigger

When can you see the point of conception on an ultrasound?

nothing can be seen at this point nothing nothing

What does it mean positive preganancy but nothing in the uterus?

Could be an ectopic pregnancy

Are you pregnant if 4 hpt tests were positive but nothing showed up on an ultrasound is this normal for being 5 days late for your period?

this could be normal. it can take up to 6 or 8 weeks for a fetal heartbeat to show up with a vaginal ultrasound.

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