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My male angora rabbit i adopted him around a year ago and i was brushing his fur because hes shedding and noticed a saggy piece of skin near his genitlesi first thought it was them but it is separate?


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September 13, 2011 11:58AM

okay, so i could only put so much up there its not very clear. i was brushing him, hes shedding i was helping him out so he doesnt get woolblock anyways i was brushing his belly and near his tail cuz he had a bad not there, it was like dreads. i noticed this saggy piece of skin there, thought it was his genitles but took a second look and it is completely separate from his actual genitles, he was rescued from the pound and being put down, also was put in a small cage with 3 other angora's who would pick on him, and not share any food ((that's why i picked him)) but i am very concerned, i don't believe he is very old, he was small when i got him, but that was also because he was skin and bones, i havnt had him checked out by the vet or anything, and im contemplating it, but any help would be very appreciated.