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Simply because she isn't in season ! She'll reject him until she's sexually receptive.

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Q: My male red eared slider wants to mate with the female but she wont let him Why wont my red eared sliders mate?
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What does it mean when red eared sliders hiss?

Red Ear Sliders usually hiss when they feel bothered. it also means go away and he wants you to stop holding him

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Do pet turtles mate?

Yes but they need to be in similar age and size. One male one female and about 5 or 6 years of age. Also the female must be ovulating. for red ear slider turtles the male will vibrate his claws on the female's face when he wants to mate. If she wants to she will sink to the bottom if she doesn't she may become angry and push or scratch the male to make him go away.

How long can a yellow bellied slider turtle hold its breath?

Around 25-30 minutes if it wants to.

How long can red eared sliders go without eating?

MY first thought when I saw this question was '...this person is going on holiday, and wants to know how long they can abandon their pet for...' IF that's the case - DON'T ! ANY pet-shop that specialises in reptiles will be able to house your res for short periods (for a small fee to cover food etc)

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Then she wants to have sex with you.

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She is flirty with him

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A goatess. but who wants to know?

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Heck no not when she doesn't want to! the male always wants to breed but the female will once in awhile when she wants to breed.

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she wants to get heated?

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