My mice have had there 2nd litter of mice just 1 or 2 days ago and we don't want them to have more can i just separate them or should i wait how long or what should i do?

Mice will keep breeding if they have the chance so move the males into another cage. The pinkys (baby mice) don't need their father and will do fine with just their mother. If you have two males in a cage with a female they will fight and if there are pinkys in the cage as well they will most likely die in a fight between the males or be neglected because the female is mating and having a lot more pinkys.

you should not separate the babies until they are old enough about 3 weeks old.They will not mate with each other until they are old enough. Seperate the babies when they are old enough and you should have no problems. They are definatly old enough when they are seen eating solid food. DO NOT separate when they are still nursing from their mother, when they don't have fur, or if they don't have their eyes open. This would be way too young. Why trust me? I am a mouse breeder of 1 year and a half now and i am almost an expert

The adult males and females should defintiely be separated immediately! A female mouse can go into heat and get pregnant literally minutes after the birth of her babies! If it's been two days already, there's a chance she's alraady pregnant again.