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If the doctor has told you this then count what few blessings you have (I know you are really hurting right now and I went through something similar to you.) My mom had Dementia and her mind completely went and she was filled with fear, paranoia and it was difficult for my brother and I to see her go through this. You need to speak to that doctor or your mother's personal physician if she has one. I know health care in the States is not good. Sounds like your mother didn't have a doctor and takes whatever doctor is available. Firstly, you have a right to request a second opinion on your mother's condition and I would suggest that you do. Ask what they call her condition and then look it up on and ask the question. Learn everything you can about it. If the second doctor agrees with the first then sit down with them and see if they can help you out or put you onto a government program that will help you relocate your mother into a safe place with a good environment. Such as a hospital for patients that deal with your mother's problems and they have clean facilities that have some warmth to them, as well as areas outside that they can have a nurse, etc., take them for a walk and that the nursing staff are caring and on the ball. If your mother is older then she can go into a nursing home and always check out the nursing homes to be sure they are clean, the environment is as warm as possible considering the patients health issue, and that the staff are caring and hospitable. If you find this all too confusing, you can go to Mental Health in your area and they will help you out. You can also go to any church your mother may belong too and they can help. I would also like to add as a personal note to you, that just because your mother has had a mental breakdown, possibly the first signs of Dementia or Alzheimer's this does not mean you will end up the same way!!!! Not even if she has suffered from depression. There are so many good medications out there to help one with depression, although there is no cure for Dementia there are wonderful medications to slow the process down. Good luck God Bless Marcy

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Q: My mother has been o mental state hospital two weeks and the doctor says she can never live alone again?
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