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Maybe you could go see if they need help with moving or building anything (if you want, this is only a suggestion), then you can see whats causing the bumping or dropping on your ceiling, you can also be making new friends this way and mention that you heard the sounds coming from your ceiling. Good Luck!

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Is your heart was pounding out of your chest an idiom?

I'm not sure about 'pounding out of my chest' but'my heart was jumping out of my chest''my heart was pounding'are idioms.

Would jumping increase your height?

No, it will not increase the physical height of your body. Jumping may actually cause you to become shorter. Many gymnasts stunt their growth from jumping and pounding their ankles and joints on the ground.

Can a spider eat a jumping spider?

a jumping spider can eat anything

How much does bungy jumping costs?

bungee jumping can cost anything up to 7 pound or above

Super Mario 64 how do you kill the piano?

As far as I know, you cannot kill the piano. I've tried ground pounding it, I've tried jumping on it, I've tried punching it.

What actors and actresses appeared in Orange Rope - 2004?

The cast of Orange Rope - 2004 includes: Mirian Bildner as Girl jumping rope Paul Obedzinski as Neighbor Nicole Pullins as Girl jumping rope Skylar Shapiro as Girl jumping rope Mary Van Fleet as Grandmother Paris Yates as Annie

Would you live jumping off the highest anything with no perishoot and live?

uh god no!

Is jumping on a trampoline an exercise?

Yes! Anything that requires physical effort can be considered exercise.

What can be done about a neighbor's pitbull jumping my fence and attacking my dogs?

Calling animal control is one thing that can be done about a neighbor's pitbull jumping your fence and attacking your dogs. If your dogs have been injured, you may also want to take your neighbor to small claims court.

What is the best way to get springer spaniel to stop jumping on people?

knee the dog in the chest when it jumps. or spray/mist water in its face. anything that it will associate jumping and painful experience with.

If you're at a pond or river and you hear a gentle 'plop' what might it be?

someone dropping a rock into the lake, a fish jumping out of the water or fishing rod going into the water

What is the present progressive tense of jump?

I am jumpingWe are jumpingYou are jumpingHe/she/it is jumpingThey are jumping

What are the best exercises for weight loss?

definitely running or any kind of cardio such as jumping jacks, jumping rope, walking, anything high intensity that gets your heart rate up

Do jumping spiders eat ants?

Jumping spiders eat anything smaller than them. Just hope the ants don't move to allow the spider to judge its jump and kill it.

Are jumping spiders harmful to humans?

No. They don't bite or do anything to you're skin, like, put poison in it.

What are some fun date ideas?

You should try something crazy and unexpected like switch up your routine like for example go parachuting or anything that involves jumping out of a plane or bungee jumping

What is the onomatopoeia for jumping?

There is no onomatopoeia for "jumping". Jumping is a verb.

What would be abnormal for a human?

anything from a temp of over 108 degrees Fahrenheit to jumping 108 feet into the air

What are percheron horses used for?

Driving, Farm Work, and even Jumping and Dressage baisicly anything the horse is trained for

What are the girls' high school sports most offered today?

anything that involves jumping and tight costumes

How you impress your wife on bed?

How to please would be a better question. Ask her what she would like to do and do your best to do it. Talking honestly and listening can be very sexy. Jumping on and pounding for 10 minutes isn't going to do it. As with any interaction, what is going to impress someone will vary with the person.

What cat jumping?

cat jumping is the act of jumping your cat.

My 13.2 is ridden in a snaffle and in the school he works fine but i have problems when jumping and hacking He pulls from his neck but i dont want anything to strong tho hes still young HELP?

If you don't have problems riding on the flat with your snaffle,but you do jumping,then I suggest that you get a better bit for jumping. I always use snaffles for the flat.

What are some good basic exorcises?

jogging, walking, sports, cardio, jumping jacks, anything that keeps you moving around!

How do i use jumping as a participle in a sentence?

I was jumping today. I was jumping on the bed.