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There are any number of reasons people suffer nose bleeds, ranging from climate, blood disorders and medications. A person that has nose bleed that lasts two hours continuously (assuming you were trying to stop the nose bleed and not blowing your nose during the bleed) should be seen by a doctor to determine the underlying cause.

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Q: My nose bleed for 2 hours nonstop with blood clots why?
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What could have caused my nose to bleed for 2 hours nonstop with blood clots?

You should see your health care professional/doctor to find out. This can be something serious, especially since the bleeding lasted 2 hours. It could be either a problem with high blood pressure or with your clotting factors in your blood, or it could be something much less serious like allergens in the environment irritating the tissue in your nose. Make an appointment.

What happens if you have held your head back and pinched your nose to stop them from bleeding and they don't stop for at least twenty minutes and big blood clots come out?

Haha, that happened to me once. Except my nose bleed lasted about 3 hours, on and off. Nothing much happened. The blood clots came out, it bled a little bit more, then stopped. Don't worry about it. Blood clots are a good sign, it shows you're healing properly. They only form because, as you have your head back, the blood has no where to run out so clots in big lumps in your nose.

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What happens if you have held your head back and pinched your nose to stop them from bleeding and they don't stop for at least twenty minutes and big blood clots come out?

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