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i am 10 delayed and still negative result. i have head ache and some unclear discharge... i am pregnant

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Delayed menstruation can be caused by a lot of things, sometimes it's simply because of irregular cycles as a result of going through puberty or menopause. Otherwise delayed menstruation can be a result of stress, ill health, some medications, or even travel.

There can be many reasons for your period to be delayed. The most common reasons for delayed menstruation are stress or ill-health - if you're unwell your body recognises that getting pregnant may be a bad idea so it will delay or skip ovulation, which in turn leads to your period being delayed or it will skip that cycle. Delayed periods are also common if you're in your teens due to cycle irregularity - it takes time to reach a point where you are physically and sexually mature enough to ovulate on a regular basis, and changes to your body as you're going through puberty can have a major effect on your cycles and so result in delayed menstruation. Sometimes periods may seem delayed when they're not - the average menstrual cycle is 28 days but everyone's cycles are different, also it's normal for there to be up to 7 days variation between your cycles, so a few days 'late' isn't really late at all.

yes there is but they have delayed making it.

yes there is going to be a movie but it has been delayed due to funding issues.

It was going to come out in June but it has been delayed till Christmas 2010.

Many women's bodies react to stress by delaying ovulation. If you have been going through a lot of stress ovulation may have been delayed (this is your bodies natural way of preventing pregnancy during a difficult time) and delayed ovulation will then delay your period. I've had cycles that are even 25 days longer than usual because of this. So a late period doesn't necessarily mean that you were pregnant. Hope that helps!

A few things could be going on. If you were sexualy active just after going off the pill, then you could be pregnant and the first period was not a period. If you had contact of any sort or you were taken advantage of after the period, you could be pregnant. The symptoms listed could be the result of going off the pill. Do an EPT and/or see your doctor about a blood screen.

What happens is related to what has been going on before the period. The outcome of any relationship is as the result of what the couple put in.

There are three circadian rhythm sleep disorders. Delayed sleep phase type is characterized by going to bed and arising later than most people.

this may be because you are going to get your period soon =]

Group is a column going down. Period is a row going across.

Probably. Any debt you owe, if unpaid for a period, can result in garnishment of your wages.

Augest 2012. It was going to be on May 29th 2009,but It was delayed

Nope! its comin out on august 17 2012

Cramping is the number one sign that you are going to have your period soon.

Yes it can. Discontinuing the patch will likely change your regular cycle, usually by delaying the onset of menses right after going off it. What appears to be a "missed" period is likely a long-delayed one. Yes it definitely can. You can have irregular periods for 3 months AFTER stopping the patch.

yep. they say its going to be released in November but im sure it will be delayed. its going to be shown at E3 i think. it looks a lot better than the first too.

No, starting the Pill will not immediately cause a delay in your period and starting the Pill late in your cycle can cause breakthrough bleeding that can last for days or weeks. The pill will start delaying periods after taken for a full cycle, depending on the hormones and your reaction sometimes it takes a couple cycles.

It means something is going to take longer, but they are not able to tell you how much longer exactly.

It was going to come out in April but it got delayed. The new date is October 1.

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