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There is a fuse panel hidden under the dash on the passenger side, you have to remove the kick panel to access it, the fuse for the power locks is located there.

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Q: My power door locks died on a 92 Buick PA. What can be the problem if all the fuses are in good condition?
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Why wont any power locks work on my lincoln ls if no fuses are blown?

If there are no blown fuses in your Lincoln ls, then there could be a short in the wires causing your power locks to not work.

Where are the fuses for the door locks on a 2005 dodge caravan?

All fuses are under the hood, next to the battery.

1999 Mercury Cougar doors won't lock?

Check the fuses and the relay that controls the door locks. A power loss is the most likely cause of the problem.

How can you get your buick 92 park avenune locks to stop going off and on?

disconnect the fuse that works the locks.

Have a 1995 buick century and you lost headlight's and running light's horn inter lightand automatic locks and lighterand all fuses are ok and relays that you can tell not sure what order they are in?

Check the fuseable links.

You have checked all the fuses so why would your radio door locks and dome light not work in a 91 buick century?

there is something wrong with the wiring in you car or brain, you might as well take it to the mechanic.

How do you find the problem if neither of your automatic windows or locks will function in a 1986 Chevy s10 pickup 2.8l v6 5 speed manual?

Check fuses and relays

Why are my 1993 Chevy silverado power windows and locks not working?

Check your fuses.

If your 1998 Toyota Corolla power door locks don't work could this be a fuse problem if you hear a clicking noise when you push the button but none of the doors lock?

I'm assuming the manual locks work. But you're on the right track, i'd check the fuses, and possibly the relay for the circuit.

What does the abbreviation MIR LKS stand for on one of the fuses in a Chevy s10 pickup?

Mirrors Locks (MIR LKS). The fuse is for the power mirrors and power locks on the vehicle.

Problem with electric door locks with 1999 Monte Carlo?

whats the problem?

How do you fix power locks on a acura integra 4 door 95?

Try checking all fuses

Why won't Power locks work?

Check the fuses. You will find what each fuse does within your owners manual.

Why would my windshield wipers and power locks stop working on my 1992 Jeep Laredo?

burnt fuses

What is wrong with 1993 Camry when all power windows and power locks stop working?

Check the fuses.

Where is the circuit breaker for the power locks and trunk release on a 1994 buick park avenue?

The lock and trunk circuit breaker for a 1994 Park Avenue could be in one of two places. It could be under the dash with the fuses or under the hood with the relays in a distribution box.

1995 Nissan door locks and security system malfunctioning?

I have a 2001 Nissan quest,recently my door locks are malfunction,when I pull the door in it locks,when key in ignition it locks,what cause this problem?

Where is the fuse located for power door locks on a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan?

The 2005 Dodge Caravans have software problem in the BCM that causes the power locks to quit working. The only fix is to bring the van to a dealer for a software flash update.I disconnected the battery cable and pulled the BCM fuse and the system reset and the door locks are working fine again.I also got my power door locks working. I pulled and reinstalled (but did not replace) all fuses and fuse blocks (but not the relays). The locks started working after that.I'm not sure if I'm using this site correctly as I'm new, but I found that disconnecting and reconnecting the lamp and horn relays fixed my same issue with the locks.Several people suggested resetting the fuses under the hood, and it worked. Others tried unplugging and plugging back in the battery and that also worked for them.I tried the suggestions and it worked for a short time, but now the locks are not working again. Funny thing is that the rear hatch locks still work, but all passenger and driver locks do not. Time to take it in and have a pro fix them? Resetting the fuses and relays doesn't help anymore.


They are in the fuse panel to the left of the steering column.

What would cause the electronic door locks not work from any position intermittent problem.?

First off you may what to check in your fuses ALL of the fuses in my 95 ford T SHO 3.1 the fuse blew and there was 2 fuse boxes both containing a fuse saying it was it *on in the car drivers side that flips down on under the hood drivers side by the windshield* after replacing them my door locks/electric seats worked properly again

Why does the fuses for the power door locks on a Ford Windstar keep blowing?

verify the cables that are NOT tocuhing the metal door. Sometimes the cables are old and they crack, just put black tape (electric tape) and that should fix the problem.

What do fuses in 1989 Mercedes 300 control?

The fuses in the 1989 Mercedes 300 control things like the lighting system, the door locks, the wipers, and the instrument gauges. The fuses also control the trunk latch and the turn lights and brake lights.

Where are the fuses of the power locks 1991 Acura legent? lokethed an the 1991 acura legend

If the fuses seem good why would the power windows and locks not work on a 1997 Mercury Villager?

Cause the window motor is out

Why would cause the Electric and remote door locks and remote trunk release not to work 2000 focus?

Check fuses