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Let mom take care of her babies! If one is born dead, she'll know what to do. Don't massage the kits, try not to touch them at all. Consult a vet if you'd really like to. But just sit back, don't bother her or the kits, and just let Nature take course.

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Q: My rabbit is giving birth and one was born dead how long does it last and what to do if it happens again massage them to breathe?
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How do you know a girl rabbit is giving birth?

Watch it for 9 months and watch too see if it happens.

How does a rabbit breathe?

Through its nose.

What happens if you drop a rabbit?

Well it depends what height you drop it from. It ranges from killing the poor thing to giving it mild shock.

How do you know when a rabbit dies?

It should be easy to tell if a rabbit has died. They will no longer move or breathe.

What are the chances of your rabbit dying while giving birth?

1 out of 125. It is rare that a rabbit dies while giving birth.

What happens when a rabbit eats asparagus?

nothing happens to a rabbit when it eats asparagus. no worrys! =)

What do you call when a rabbit is having a kit?

When a rabbit is giving birth, it is called kindling.

What happens when your rabbit licks you a lot?

the rabbit likes you

How do you bring rabbit towards you?

giving them carrot

Why doesn't your rabbit eat?

OH NO! Make sure you're giving your rabbit good food. Give her her favourite food and if then she doesn't eat it, give her tum tum massage. if it persists, go to VETS and your rabbit will be treated. They will ask if you want to take her to do the treatment say no, and et the vet do it because believe me, its hard. It's probably gastric. It is caused by giving your rabbit TOO MUCH pellet food, even suparabbit. therefore do not give her pellets when she is ill. you should only let her have half an egg cupful a day. twilight maniac PS hope your rabbit gets better!

What do a rabbit a raccoon a kangaroo a kitten and a squirrel have in common?

These animals are all mammals, giving birth to live young, They are warm-blooded vertebrates, have fur, and breathe using lungs (not gills).

How does the brush rabbit breathe?

it breathes through its nose like the rest of use

My rabbit is eating her hutch why?

Your rabbit is probably bored. Try giving her a few toys to keep her busy.

Is it okay giving garlic everyday to your rabbit?

No, garlic has not nutritive value and I doubt your rabbit will eat it anyway.

What happens if you get a bunny high?

If you get your rabbit high, you are seriously endangering its health and you could end up killing it. Giving alcohol and drugs to rabbits is considered animal cruelty.

What happens to you when a rabbit scraches you?

it hurts

What stage of pregnant does a rabbit pull fur out?

The female rabbit pull out it fur in the last stages of giving birth

What is the name of a rabbit giving birth?

It is referred to "A kindling doe".

What does it look like when your rabbit is giving birth?

It is furless and are blind

How old does a rabbit start giving birth?

7 month

What is the act of giving birth in rabbit called?


What happens when you put a rabbit in a clothes dryer?

The rabbit will die and you will be arrested for cruelty to animals.

What weapon does Joe use to guard new rabbit in rabbit rescue by Katie Davies?

12 guage semi auto shotgun with dragons breathe shells

What happens if a bee attacks a rabbit?

If a bee stings a rabbit, the rabbit will experience pain and swelling in the area of the sting but will usually survive.

What happens when you hypnotize a rabbit?

It gets hypnotized.