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Whatever your sim is, it / she WILL remain pregnant until it / she has the baby........ Answer 2 She (or he, but rarely) remains pregnant for about 5 days. Then is simply gives birth, with no way of stopping it.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-24 21:12:57
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Q: My sim is pregnant but still hasn't had her baby?
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On mac how do you know if a sim is pregnant?

Tell the sim to relax with his or her lover on a double bed and if you don't get the option try for baby, but you get woohoo then she is pregnant. Plus you hear like a baby song after trying for baby. If you hear it it means the sim is pregnant.

How can you tell your sim is pregnant after trying for a baby?

If your sim is pregnant after trying for a baby "Rock a by baby" will start playing and after about two or three days you will notice your sim changing everyday and undies uniforms and getting a bit of a baby bump.

Can a sim get pregnant by woohoo on sims2?

No, they can only get pregnant with "try for baby".

How do you tell if your sim is pregnant on sims ambitions?

When your sim is pregnant, a chime will sound after the 'try for a baby' action is completed.

Is there a way to make a baby boy or a baby girl more likely in sims 3?

Baby Boy - Pregnant Sim eat Apples Baby Girl - Pregnant Sim eat Watermelons.

How can you get a sim pregnant?

You have them try for baby on a double bed

Can a teen sim have a baby?

A teen sim cannot have a baby, but they can woohoo. I think they can accidently get pregnant, but im not sure.

What to do when your sim is pregnant in Sims 3 ambition?

I Don't Know? Let it be pregnant and if it has a baby let it have a baby

What are the symptoms if sim is pregnant?

The sim is sick in the morning or a couple of days after you try for the baby.

Will the mother sim belly grow on sims 2?

if you mean a pregnant sim, then yes. on the sims 2 for the PC, if a sim gets pregnant, her belly will get bigger about 24 sim hours after your sims "try for baby" then her belly will grow again in about another 24 sim hours, and then after another 24 sim hours your sim will have her baby.

How do you know if your sim is pregnant on sims bustin out?

they don`t get pregnant they instantly get do you want to have a baby.

You had woohoo 12 times and your sim is still not pregnant what do you do?

You should do 'boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true'(without commas and press ctrl and shift and c at the same time)Then shift press your sims any sim and press spawn the tombstone of l and d, then press on your female sim and choose get pregnant with...(any sim). Or you could try for a baby with your female sim and male sim and keep doing that till it stops saying try for a baby.

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