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This depends on the kind of Asthma that your sister has. Most doctors recommend keeping a breather with them at all times.

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Q: My sister was just diagnosed with asthma. What are the most effective asthma treatments these days?
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Are all people who have asthma born with it?

No. I got mine 1 year after I was diagnosed with pollen allergies and then I learned that 80% of everybody who gets pollen allergy develops asthma. My sister have always had that allergy but developed serious asthma after her second child.

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Do chihuahua's help with asthma?

These dogs certainly do help people with asthma. My little sister has asthma and my dog certainly helps it doesnt if the person has alergies of dogs it makes there alergies worse.

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Can you have an asthma attack caused from excitement or from getting scared?

Yes you can. The adrenaline rush can bring on an asthma attack if you are prone to asthma and not taking your meds properly. My sister had her first asthma attack at 34 when under a great deal of stress, and she had to be hospitalised it was so severe.

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It all depends on what allergies set of the asthma. It varies quite a lot- from things like dust mites, animal fur/ saliva they use to clean themselves, to things such as the spores in the air at this time of year. :)

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