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I assume that you mean his bicycle and not a motorcycle or motor scooter. If you mean bicycle the answer is no, your auto policy will not cover the damage to the other persons vehicle. Your homeowners insurance may have coverage that would take care of this type of damage. I would recommend that find out what it will take to repair the damage and attempt to pay for it yourself without having to make a claim on your homeowners insurance. You want to try to not make small claims on your insurance if at all possible.


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Your health insurance would pay for your injuries. You would have no coverage for your liability (damage you caused to other people's property or persons) or for the damage to your motor bike.

"In many ways, motorcycle, dirt bike, and motocross insurance is very similar to regular automobile insurance. The different insurance options that vary from region by region and market by market can offer coverage for injuries to the rider and others, damage to property, and damage to the bike and its parts."

Bennetts Bike Insurance advertises themselves as the UK's favourite bike insurance company. Their insurance includes 90 days EU cover, theft, loss or damage to the bike, accident recovery, riding other bikes, multi bike policy.

Bike Insurance essentially comes under the motor 2 wheeler insurance category. When people refer to bike insurance, they are talking about a comprehensive cover. A comprehensive bike insurance covers partial and total damage to the bike and theft upto the sum assured, and damage done to a third party's life or property by the insured bike and driver. Also a Third Party Liability cover is compulsary. It is illegal to drive a bike without it. If you would like to know more about two wheeler insurance or purchase one, you can try one of the comparison websites online like

If you are taking it out on the street then you will need motorcycle insurance. If you are traveling on your property then your homeowner insurance will cover it.

The bike would need to have the street legal requirements like turn signals, horn, head lights, tail/brake lights, mirrors plus you'll need a insurance on the bike and a license plate.

Yes there are a few major insurance that cover bike. GEICO, Allstate, and Nationwide all offer bike insurance.

if someone is with you, you can't use a bike

== == Yes. Any vehicle driven on public roads requires you to have insurance. A strictly off road vehicle, as in (Dirt Bike), that is not street legal requires no insurance.

no it's not nessesary as long as the bike is on your property if it's in the street then it needs insurance if it's in your backyard then your straight

yes but you will need turn signals,lights,insurance,and a licenze plate

A street bike is a type of BMX bike, so your question can't be answered.

No, bike insurance is not mandatory for people to buy. The law does not require you to have insurance for your bicycle or motorcycle.

No, it is illegal to ride a dirt bike on the street but you can ride it on a trail or dirt bike track.

"*Lower rate (usually) than regular bike insurance

Yes, it is reasonable to own bike insurance if you use your bike a lot in a well populated place, or if your bike is expensive. You can never be too careful.

Insurance varies from provider to provider. Your state and local area charges its own price for bike insurance. You should contact your insurance provider to find out how much it costs for you to carry this type of insurance.

Well when you race in like crmc you do need insurance and just riding the road and the pit and things like that you might want insurance just in case you do fall and you break a leg and if you get your bike stolen. Try looking at Bike Sure for the insurance. They specialize in niche bike insurance such as this -

The types of insurance that Devitt Bike Insurance offers includes motorcycle insurance, dealer insurance, and many more. To learn more, check out their official website, DevittInsurance.

Hayabusa is the fastest bike.

That depends on what you are using it for. Obviously, if you are dirt biking, you should use a dirt bike, and otherwise use a street bike. Start out with what you are going to use the most - dirt (freestyle) or street racing.

In the state of Ohio you can make a dirt bike street legal with some modifications. Your bike will require mirrors, a headlight, turn signals, and a license plate. You are also required by state law to have insurance on any vehicle driven on the roadway.

When you ride a bike on a track it would damage your bike because the type of ground or basically grip tape that you ride the bike on will were down the bike's tread.

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