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mah dik big

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Q: My tires were slashed while i was at work-my car parked on company property-does the company cover this-my car insurance doesn't?
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What to do when an insurance company doesnt pay amount of damages?


What insurance company is best for a 16 year old teenager with license?

doesnt matter

How can insurance players improve insurance market?

it doesnt

What happens if a persin is injured in a vehicle and doesnt have insurance?

It's on your car insurance.

Is it legal for a doctor to charge you 100 percent at the time of service and then reimburse you once they are paid by your insurance company in California?

not sure but that doesnt seem right

What happens if you pay your car loan so it doesnt get repossessed but you dont have insurance?

Your car finance company will add their own insurance that covers their vehicle, but not your liability. ANd it will significantly increase your payments. It would be so much cheaper and better protection for you to find your own insurance. Park it until you get insurance.

Dealership no longer exist and financial company doesnt do loans anymore?

the dealership doesnt exist anymore and the financial company doesnt do auto loans anymore

Who is responsible if a 16-year-old driving someone else's car hit and severely damaged your vehicle which was legally parked?

It depends.... If the girl that hit your car has car insurance that covers her while driving another persons vehicle, go after her and her insurance company. But if not, go after the owner of the vehicle, they are responsible for the vehicle at all times. The insurance company doesnt care who is driving.

If your vehicle was damaged while in parking gear and the insurance company refuses to pay for transmission damage what recourse does one have?

Are you asking about transmission problems that someone hit you while in park? Or that you didnt have money to fix it and asked the insurance company to help? If its the first scenario, you will need proof that the damage done to your transmission was a direct result from that accident. If its the second one, your insurance doesnt have to pay anything, as that's what warranties are for, not insurance policies.

What company does toblerone come from?

toblerone comes from siwtzerland but doesnt have a company

Can your insurance co add a drive to your insurance if they already have insurance with a other co?

yes and no... depends if your going to be cancelled becasue you had a license suspension, and need another driver on the policy... but normally no.. why would u? to pay twice? and if you did... each insurance company would fight over who doesnt have to pay for a claim lol... good luck

Why doesnt your insurance cover the removal of raccoons?

Insects, pests, vermin, rodents, etc are basic exclusions of an insurance policy.

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