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My wife drew a big red heart and inserted another man's name and at a later time covered the name with scribbles however i noticed plenty of these scribbles throughout our house and proceeded to scan?


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September 07, 2007 7:43PM

This is something one would do in grade school or high school. Both of you sound extremely immature. She's drawing hearts and covering up the names and you're 'scanning?' There is a simple method to your problem and that's communication so why not just ask her what it's all about. Second guessing only gets you into trouble because your imagination works overtime. It could simply be she is not feeling all that romantic around you (are you?) and perhaps she's putting in an actors name for fun. You just don't know until you sit down and talk to her. You know your relationship has problems (we all go through them) so sit up and fly right and ask yourself some hard questions: When was the last time you bought flowers for your wife; when did you take her out for a romantic dinner or a romantic get away? It takes two! Your wife is not your maid; nanny to any children you may have or chattel! She's your wife so respect her for that and put your share of attention onto her and you may be pleasantly surprised at how well your relationship improves.