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Q: My wife has been using a credit card of her deceased fathers credit I also used the card but did not know it was on his credit can i be held responsible for credit card fraud?
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What if person uses deceased persons credit cards?

The use of a deceased person's credit card would constitute credit card fraud. Unlawful use of a credit card is a criminal offense.

Can you be prosecuted for using a deceased family members credit card?

Yes. It's called "fraud".

Is it considered fraud to use a credit card in a deceased person's name if you were entitled to sign?

Yes it is fraud and theft. The moment the authorized person died, so did the permission.

Is it legal to open a credit card in a spouses name who has since died?

Use of a card that belongs to a deceased person sounds like fraud to me.

If a card holder is deceased but a family member had an additional card and charged over 5K since the death is this considered fraud and does the estate have to pay the debt?

Yes, it IS fraud, and the estate should NOT pay the debt, instead the trustee should turn in the criminal to the credit card company and point out that the estate of the deceased is not responsible for any debt incured after the death date. This would be fraud. I am sorry for your loss, and all of the trouble that you and your family are going through now. God Bless:)

How to report someone who takes out a crediT CARD WITH A dead mother or fathers name and uses it?

Call your Disctict Attorney Office and report the fraud.

If a card holder is deceased but a family member had an additional card and charged over 5000 dollars since the death and is now recently deceased who is responsible for the fraud and debt?

The estate of the second deceased can be sued. A claim should be filed against the estate immediately.

Is a 17 yr old responsible for a credit card he lied on his age to get?

No he is not responsible for the debt as a 17 year old cannot enter into a legally binding contract. However, he would be responsible for the fraud.

If your mother had 15000 in credit card debt and you were an authorized user and she passed away and you were charged 1400 by the credit card company are you responsible for paying that amount?

In general if the card was used after the person died, the user is responsible for the debt. In some cases the person using the card could possibly be face fraud charges. The laws of the state in which the deceased resided governs the penalties and/or responsibilities of said action.

Will credit card fraud against you affect your credit score?

If you were a victim of credit card fraud your credit rating may is QUITE LIKELY to be affected.

Can you go to prison if you do a credit card fraud?

You certainly can. Many people are there now because of credit card fraud.

Can you keep utility bills in the name of a deceased spouse or parent?

You can, but its fraud.

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