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Search your css for "visibility: hidden" and then remove it or change to "visibility: visible". That should do the trick! /Jon Törnros

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โˆ™ 2007-12-06 19:08:27
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Q: Myspace upcoming shows won't show up does a code need changed?
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How do i get the ad off of my MySpace layout?

They Have Just Changed Myspace Stuff And So Theres A New Way Here Is The Code For 2.0 Profile. div.clearfix{display:none;} #footer{display:none;}

What is a MySpace code?

A code for myspace could be a layout code which you add to your myspace profile and it makes a design show up on your myspace. It also could be referring to a myspace hide code which you enter into your myspace and it hides parts of your profile. LIke if you dont want to have your comments section you can hide it. You can find tons of layout codes here:

Can you hide your playlist on MySpace?

what is the code to hide your playlist on myspace

How can MySpace text be changed?

Text on Myspace can be changed and adjusted by using HTML code. One can make the text big, small, or be more specific with ordering the font size as a number between 1 and 7 with 1 being the smallest and 7 being the largest.

How do you use your own picture for MySpace background?

Myspace has a way of allowing you to do it by customizing your profile.You have to have the picture you want in one of your photo albums on myspace. Or you can find the code of the picture by viewing the picture from your myspace and copying the code. Then you will paste that code when you edit your pfofile.

Where do you find the confirmation code email on MySpace?

confirmation link FOR MYSPACE HOW DO YOU DO IT

What is the code to get on MySpace?


Writing codes for MySpace?

what is the myspace code for the text with the line in the middle of it? (like this)

Area code for myspace?


What is the style body code for Myspace?


What is the MySpace code to enter?

what ever youre looking for go to google and write in myspace code for "" and a bunch of hits will come up.

How do you cusomize a MySpace?

The fastest way to customize your myspace is to get a myspace layout. You just go to: Then find a layout you like and copy the code in the code box and then click instructions above the code to see how to put it into your profile.

Changed egr valve according to computer still shows code why 99 gran prix?

after changing anything to do with a code it has to be reset drive 100 miles to reset code

How do I put my MySpace layout on my MySpace profile?

Copy your Layout Code/HTML and paste it into your About Me section .

What is the MySpace code for writing in cursive?


What is the code for hiding your interests on MySpace?


How do you make it so your MySpace comments don't show up on your MySpace profile?

You can get a code and enter it in your about me section. the code can be found on any layout website.

How do you change your extended network on MySpace?

It is important to know how to adjust things on social media. TheÊextended network can be changed through account settings, or by adding a code into the square About Me.

What is the MySpace Add Me code?

A ADDING ME code, hello how could you not know that ;0

How do you put cursors onto your MySpace?

paste the cursor code in the about me section of your myspace profile page. Be sure to paste the code before the extisting codes in the about me section.

How do you hide friend ID on MySpace?

you have to find a code. go to google and type in "hide friend id code" for myspace and a bunch of hits will come up.

Can you hide your MySpace url on MySpace 2.0?

you can find the hide code for that here:

What are the cheat code for vampires app on MySpace?


What is a code to center your blurbs on MySpace?

it is <center> </center>

How do you stop the italics code for MySpace once you have used it?