NASPE identifies the primary goal of assessment as the documentation of learning rather than the enhancement of learning?

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What are learning goals?

Learning goals are the expected outcome of what students will learnduring a lesson. Often, these are changed on a weekly or quarterlybasis.

What is assessment as learning?

Assessment of Learning are assessment strategies that are designed to confirm what students know. It demonstrates whether curriculum goals or goals of the program are met.

Differences between assessment of learning and assessment for learning?

Assessment of Learning - testing the knowledge retention when a a person is educated in a subject matter . Assessment for Learning - is establishing the skills level a p

What is learning assessment?

A learning assessment is an activity or test that measures how much a person has learned. For example, if students are studying multiplication, they might have a pre-test befo

Does multimedia enhance learning?

Multimedia significantly enhances learning, for several reasons. First of all, a blend of animation and video can enable educators to construct explanations that go beyo

How do you keep learning about assessment?

A person cannot keep learning about assessment. However, a student can participate in classroom that use assessment for learning techniques. These techniques show students wha
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Can computers enhance your learning?

Actually, it is scientifically proven that although you learn plenty of things from computers, the time your brain spends just sitting there and moving your finger, it doesn't
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Do vacations enhance learning?

It depends on the the vacation. If to Hawaii you like it,you will probably like to learn about Hawaii.