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Q: NRA in Kansas
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When was NRA Years created?

NRA Years was created in 2000.

Is the NRA a PAC?

The NRA is a very strong lobby in Washington D.C.

What does the NRA support and who is their target membership?

Principally, the NRA supports gun manufacturers.

When did NRA Gun Club happen?

NRA Gun Club happened in 2006.

What percentage of NRA members are democrats?

That is a good question and it would be interesting to know. Anyone can join the NRA. There are an estimated 4.3 million members. The NRA has supported both Democratic candidates and Republican candidates. The NRA either doesn't know; because they haven't asked, or the are not telling because there are no published stats on this question or other facets of NRA membership.

What are the release dates for NRA All Access - 2014 Allan Cors NRA Membership 1-3?

NRA All Access - 2014 Allan Cors NRA Membership 1-3 was released on: USA: 9 March 2014

What percentage of the NRA are police?

The NRA doesn't keep those records any more.

Is Sarah Palin a member of the NRA?

Yes.According to her BIO on Wikipedia she has a lifetime membership to the NRA.

Who is the president of the NRA?

Ron Schmeits is the current president of the NRA. ( National Rifle Association,)

When was NRA Gun Club created?

NRA Gun Club was created on 2006-10-02.

What percentage of NRA members are creationists?

Since the NRA does not solicit or collect that information on its members, there is no way to know.

Does the NRA use litigation campaign contributions or grassroots lobbying more?

the nra uses grassroots lobbying

Who are the key members of NRA?

Thw Director, President, officers and members of the board. They are listed on the NRA website.

How many members has the NRA?

The approximate number of members in the NRA (National Rifle association) is 4.3 million

What are the release dates for NRA All Access - 2014 Eddie Eagle Gun Safe Program NRA Outdoors 1-5?

NRA All Access - 2014 Eddie Eagle Gun Safe Program NRA Outdoors 1-5 was released on: USA: 9 March 2014

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is an organization that represents the interests of gun owners. Which action of the NRA does the most to influence government legislation concerning firearms?

NRA members lobby lawmakers to vote against gun control laws

How can you find your NRA membership number?

Contact the NRA thru their website. It will also be on the label of magazines such as American Rifleman.

Why did the Supreme Court declare the NRA unconstitutional?

The NRA had assumed lawmaking powers that were constitutionally only granted to Congress

What percentage of the NRA is made up of Democrats?

Democrats do not believe in violence as a method for solving problems therefore few democrats are in the NRA.

How old do you have to be to join the NRA?

The NRA has many membership plans, depending on what a person is looking for. The minimum age requirement to join is 18.

What percentage of Americans belong to the NRA?

NRA claimed over 5 million dues-paying members in 2013, which would be just over 1.5%.

The NRA died because?

It caught Herpes.

Is Obama an NRA member?


Did President Obama address the NRA in a speech?

At this point, President Obama has not been invited to address the NRA, although several of his political opponents have.

How much did the NRA pay for their Secret War on Guns political infomercial?

The show is priceless information. As a member if the NRA, I am proud to contribute my share.