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City that starts with i?

Isleton in California. Irvine, larger city in California. Indianapolis, IN. Igoumenitsa, in Greece. Izmir, in Turky. Istanbul, in Turkey

Which Italian city is known as the city of the renaissance?

Ferrera came to be known as the City of the Renaissance because ofits intellectual and artistic dominance during the period. Greatminds congregated there, and it came to achieve the Humanistdefinition of an ideal city by constructing what would become amodel of the modern metropolis.

Why did the Italian War of 15421546 start?

better check Italian history...........no record of any war in 15421546 unless that is a code date ???? 15421546 means 1542-1546, as in a time line of when the war started and when it ended:)

North west Italian city?

There are a number of cities in north west Italy. Some of theseinclude Milan, Turin, Genoa, as well as Pisa.

Italian port city starting with G?

Genoa, Italy Genoa is a city and an important seaport in northern Italy, the capital of the Province of Genoa and of the region of Liguria. The city has a population of ca. 620,000 and the urban area has a population of ca. 890,000. . For the source and more detailed information concerning thi ( Full Answer )

What are the largest Italian port cities?

Genoa is the largest port town, situated in the region of LIGURIA which lies on its homonimous sea.. Genoa is the largest port town, situated in the region of LIGURIA which lies on its homonimous sea.

What Italian city is juventus from?

Juventus F.C. is a football club that plays in Serie A in theItaly. The club was founded in 1897 in the city of Turin. Since itsfounding the club has won 30 titles (including the 2013-2014season), has been the runner up for the title 20 times and has wonthe Coppa Italia 9 times. The club has also wo ( Full Answer )

Where did Italian art start?

\nItalian art started in Florence , Italy (or so said) right about after the middle ages. It started because of the Italian Renaissance(the beginning of capturing the realistic features of life)

What is 'the start' when translated from English to Italian?

In Italian it translates to inizio . Always remember that depending on the context of your sentences, the translation can vary. There may also be slang terminology if you were to travel to Italy. Keep in mind that online translators may not always be correct, they are a reflection of the exact word ( Full Answer )

What is an Italian city on the adriatic sea?

T he west shore is generally low, merging, in the northwest, into the marshes and lagoons on either hand of the protruding delta of the river Po , the sediment of which has pushed forward the coastline for several miles within historic times---Adria is now some distance from the shore. ( Full Answer )

What Italian cities start with the letter M?

Italian cities whose spelling begins with the letter "M" include: . Macerata, Macomer, Magenta, Maiori, Malcesine, Mamoiada,Manfredonia, Manta, Mantua, Marche, Maremma, Marettimo, Marina diCaronia, Marina di Massa, Marina di Modica, Marina di Palma, Marinadi Ragusa, Marina di Ravenna, Marlengo, Ma ( Full Answer )

Italian cities that start with the letter k?

Kastelruth is the name of an Italian city whose spelling whosebegins with the letter "K." It is located in far northeast Italywhere the above-mentioned German form is one of three names --Castelrotto in Italian and Ciastel in regional Ladin -- for thepicturesque commune.

What did Italian cities not have?

Italian cities did not have advancement possibilities for those Italians who worked in jobs in which they were underemployed and had no way of calling attention to themselves. Italian cities did not have funds for those Italians who would have done well in primary and secondary education but cou ( Full Answer )

What Italian names start with 'It-'?

Itala is an Italian name that starts with the letters 'it-'. It can be used as a feminine name. Its masculine equivalent is Italo , which means 'Italian'. In fact, Italo Calvino [October 15, 1923-September 19, 1985] was a famous Italian journalist and short story writer.

Who started the Italian fascist party?

The National Fascist Party was started in 1921 by Benito Mussolini. Known as the Partito Nazionale Fascista, or PNF for short. it gained power in Italy in 1922 and lasted to 1943. About the only good thing that can be said about it, is that it signed the Lateran Treaty creating the Vatican City.

What Italian cities are nearest Paris?

Turin would be the nearest major Italian city to Paris, at about480 miles or 773 kilometres away. Other major Italian cities thatwould be amongst the closest to Paris would be Milan and Genoa.

How did the Italian rebirth start?

You do not say Italian rebirth. The term is Italian Renaissance (or, in Italian, Rinascimento). Both words mean rebirth and refer to the "rebirth" of interest in the classical (the Romans and the Greeks). Its roots lied in 1) the revival/rebirth in the interest in the Romans, which in the previous c ( Full Answer )

What Italian liquor starts with 'g'?

An example of an Italian liquor whose spelling starts with theletter "g" is Galliano , whose full name in Italian is Liquore Galliano L'Autentico (The authentic Gallianoliquor).

When did Italians start eating pasta?

Marco Polo is thought to have brought pasta to Italy from histravels in China. These travels occurred during the years1271-1368.

What is the city of 'Venice' in Italian?

Venezia is an Italian equivalent of the city of 'Venice'. The word in Italian is pronounced 'veh-neh-TSEE-ah'. It's a feminine gender noun whose definite article is 'la' ['the'].

What is 'a beautiful city' in Italian?

Una Bella città is an Italian equivalent of 'a beautiful city'. The feminine indefinite article 'una' means 'a, one'. The feminine adjective 'Bella' means 'beautiful'. The feminine noun 'città' means 'city'. All together, they're pronounced 'OO-nah BEHL-lah cheet-TAH'.

What Italian food starts with b?

~Bitto ~Bra ~Biaveta ~Bibanesi ~Biga ~Bigarano ~Bina ~Biòva ~Busella ~Braciola ~Bruschetta ~Borlotti ~Busiata ~Bucatini ~Bavette ~Bigoli ~Barbina

When did Italian Girl Scouts start?

Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting activities started in Italy in 1912. The Federazione Italiana Guide Esploratrici was formed in 1945. There were more merges in 1974 and 1976 and the organization is now called the Federazione Italiana Dello Scautismo (FIS).

When did Italian art start?

Art has been around forever. Cavemen drew pictures on walls, etc, etc. Most of Italy's famous art pieces where produced in a time period called the Renaissance, where people started discovering new ways of doing things. Key artists of the Renaissance: Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo.

What Italian word starts with e?

There are thousands of words in Italian starting with E ! Emotivo, Emozione, Etero, Enfasi, Elefante ........... Try to explain better what you need to know please.

What is the NW territory?

The Northwest Territory was one of the first territories of the United States. It was incorporated in 1787 by the Northwest Ordinance. It consisted of all of modern-day Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and parts of Minnesota.

What Italian city begins with P?

Italian cities beginning with P: . Pabillonis . Paceco . Pachino . Paderna . Padova . Padru . Pagno . Palagano . Palazzago . Palermo . Parella . Parma . Paterno . Patti . Pazzano . Pecco . Pedaso . Petrona . Pica . Pisa For more, please refer to the link below.

Cities that start with i?

· Independence, Missouri · Independence, Indiana · Innsbruck, Austria · Irondale, Alabama · Irvine, California · Irving, Texas · Islamabad, Pakistan · Istanbul, Turkey · Ithaca, New York

Which of the cities were Italian city-states?

There were many Italian city states. For example, Venice, Genoa, Florence and many more. A city-state is a city which is also an independent country. The best example in the modern world is Singapore. Historically they were common in Europe, but the only ones left in Europe are Monaco and the ( Full Answer )

What city start with a I?

· Ibadan, Nigeria · Ibague, Columbia · Ibarra, Ecuador · Ica, Peru · Idaho Falls, Idaho · Idaho Springs, Colorado · Ilhavo, Portugal · Illapel, Chile · Imola, Italy · Imperial, Nebraska · Incheon, South Korea · Independence, Kentucky · ( Full Answer )

Is Italian spoken is Vatican City?

Yes. But there are also masses there said in English and Latin.Italian is the language most used in the Vatican as most employeesare Italian.

Who ran Italian city states?

The Italian City States were ruled by a "Podestà", who was actually a Mayor committed to govern the city in all its administrative politic and military activities. He was chosen for that purpose exclusively among the prominent citizens of another city and ruled no longer than a year. His was in ( Full Answer )

How many city hubs does nw airlines have?

Northwest Airlines has hubs in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Mephins, Milwaukee, Boston, and Tokyo Narita. Recently Northwest and Detla merged resulting in the consolidation of some hubs.