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Nothing. There is no element with the symbol Ci. If you mean, NaCl - then the answer is table salt. Na being the symbol for sodium and Cl being the symbol for chlorine. The compound is therefore called sodium chloride.

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Chemical symbol for table salt?

NaCi (which is sodium and chloride)

Is NaCI the chemical symbol for sodium chloride?

NaCl is sodium chloride which is table salt :]

Whats the chemical name for 25 NaCi?

The chemical name for NaCi is Halite.

NaCI is an example of a chemical?

Yes, NaCI is a chemical compound not an Element. (Sodium + Carbon + Iodine)

What is the chemical name for compound naCI?

NaCl (not NaCI) is sodium chloride.

What is the name for the chemical formula NaCI?

NaCl is the chemical formula for common table salt.

What are the chemical compounds of salt water?

NaCI + H20 NaCI- Sodium Chloride-Salt. H20 is obviously Di-Hydrogen Oxide. Water.

Is NaCI an example of a strong base?

NaCl (not NaCI) is the chemical formula of sodium chloride; sodium chloride is a salt (table salt), not a base.

Is NaCI homo or hetero?

Sodium chloride is a chemical compound, not a mixture.

What common household item has NaCl as its chemical formula?

a toaster is a common household item that has the chemical NaCI

What is the name for compound NaCI?

The chemical name is sodium chloride. The common name is salt. Table salt.

Is 2NaCI an element or a compound how do you know?

NaCI is nothing. I think you mean NaCl, with a lowercase L. It is a chemical compound. You can tell because it contains the chemical symbols of two elements: sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl). The symbol of an element will never contain more than one capital letter.

What are the chemical formula of sugar and salt?

The chemical formula of sugar(aka sucrose) is c12 h22 o11 and table salt is NaCI (sodium chloride)

How many elements are in NaCI have?

how many elements are in NaCi

What compound is represented by chemical formula naci?

There is no compoud with this formula. However NaCl (with a lowercase L) is sodium chloride.

When was Naci Eldeniz born?

Naci Eldeniz was born in 1875.

When was Naci Tınaz born?

Naci Tınaz was born in 1882.

When was Naci Taşdöğen born?

Naci Taşdöğen was born in 1967.

What does the NACI committee mean?

National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI)

What reactions shows a physical change?

NaCI(s) ---------> NaCI(aq)

How many atoms in 36NaCI?

No. of atoms in NaCI are 3. No. of atoms in 36 NaCI are 36*3=108 But no NACI like compound exist.

What actors and actresses appeared in Firildak Naci - 1965?

The cast of Firildak Naci - 1965 includes: Tamer Yigit as Firildak Naci

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