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España, Cuba, La República Dominicana, México, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panamá, Nicaragua, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, El Perú, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, La Argentina, Puerto Rico, what am I missing here? These are the countries with Spanish as a dominant language, but Spanish is also spoken in a number of other countries (US, Brazil, Belize, to name a few...)

Equatorial Guinea(Central Africa)

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What are the 22 spanish speaking countries flag?

copy and paste this

What is the combined population of the world's 23 Spanish-speaking countries?

The world population of spanish speaking people is: 368,440,000 According to a recent research conducted by, the Spanish Speaking Worldwide Population is estimated at 452,480,979 inhabitants as of March 2008. However, 22 countries were considered for research purposes based on the US Census Bureau.

How many spain speaking countries are there in the world?

22 countries and territories are considered Spanish-speaking in the world. Puerto Rico is the only non-independent Spanish speaking territory as it is an autonomous territory of the U.S. although it functions similar to a nation. The United States is increasingly considered a Spanish speaking nation due to a large Hispanic population and the fact that nearly all students take it in either high school or college and the government and businesses now conduct many functions in English and Spanish.

How many spanish speaking countries are there in the world?

There are 22 Spanish speaking countries in the world, including Puerto Rico. Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Columbia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Honduras, Argentina, Bolivia, Belize, Andorra, Equatorial Guinea, Puerto Rico, and Africa.

How do you spell 22 in Spanish?

vientidos is 22 in Spanish.

What are the populations of the Spanish speaking countries?

While the United States does not have Spanish as an Official Language, it is included in this chart simply because it does include a large percentage of the Spanish-speaking people.Spanish Speaking Population by CountryCountryPopulation(Number of People)Percentaje of the Total Spanish Speaking Population1. Mexico109,955,40024.30 %2. Colombia45,013,6749.95 %3. United States44,321,0389.80 %4. Argentina40,677,3488.99 %5. Spain40,491,0518.95 %6. Perú29,180,8996.45 %7. Venezuela26,414,8155.84 %8. Chile16,454,1433.64 %9. Ecuador13,927,6503.08 %10. Guatemala13,002,2062.87 %11. Cuba11,423,9522.52 %12. Dominican Republic9,507,1332.10 %13. Bolivia9,247,8162.04 %14. Honduras7,639,3271.69 %15. El Salvador7,066,4031.56 %16. Paraguay6,831,3061.51 %17. Nicaragua5,785,8461.28 %18. Costa Rica4,195,9140.93 %19. Puerto Rico3,958,1280.87 %20. Uruguay3,477,7780.77 %21. Panama3,292,6930.73 %22. Equatorial Guinea616,4590.14 %Total Worldwide452,480,979100.00 %

What 22 in Spanish?

veintidos 22

How many countries does apple operate in?

22 Countries

What 22 countries are on the Korean Memorial?

the countries that participated

When was Public Speaking - film - created?

Public Speaking - film - was created on 2010-11-22.

What countries mostly speak spanish?

Here is a list of all 23 countries with significant spanish-speaking populations. 9 of these countries do not recognize Spanish as an official language:1. Argentina2. Bolivia3. Chile4. Colombia5. Costa Rica6. Cuba7. Dominican Republic8. Ecuador9. El Salvador10. Equatorial Guinea11. Guatemala12. Honduras13. Mexico14. Nicaragua15. Panama16. Paraguay17. Peru18. Philippines19. Puerto Rico20. Spain21. United States22. Uruguay23. Venezuela

How do you write 22 in Spanish?


How do you say 22 in Spanish?

22 in Spanish is "veintidos." It is pronounced, "bayn-tee-DOSE." Sites such as provide audio pronunciations of many common Spanish words.

How do you say six thirty eight in spanish?

There are two ways to do it. The way many schools do it is to say: "It's 22 minutes until 7", which would be "Son las siete menos 22" (Literally It's 7 minus 22) Honestly though, any Spanish speaking person will understand you if you say "Son las séis (con) treinta y ocho". The con is optional and you really don't need to say it.

How many people in the United States speak Spanish?

22% speak Spanish

How many arabian countries in the world?

There are 22 countries in the Arab World.

How many countries took part in the 1948 Olympics?

22 countries.

How many countries are there in the Mediterranean?


How many boats did the Spanish have in the Spanish armada?

22 Spanish and Portugese Galleons and 108 armed merchard vessels

How many tenses in spanish verb?

There are 22

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22 countries

What are the release dates for Destinos An Introduction to Spanish - 1992 Recuerdos Memories 1-22?

Destinos An Introduction to Spanish - 1992 Recuerdos Memories 1-22 was released on: USA: 1992

What is the name of the first largest bay of Mexico?

It would be the Bay of Veracruz, founded on April 22, 1519 by Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes.

How many schengen countries are there?

There are currently 26 Schengen countries, which include 22 EU countries and four non-EU countries.

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