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Name a basic unit used in the metric system to measure time?

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The base unit for time is the second.

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The metric system is called "the metric system"

The Meniscus is the name for bubble in the metric system

Another name for metric system is I Units(International System Units).

the abbreviation for the modern metric system is 'SL'.

The metric system is called the International System of units. In Europe, the French oversee the system, and the name is Le Système international d'unités (SI).So It can be called the metric system, the IS system, or the SI system.

imperial system * * * * * The Metric and Imperial systems are alternative systems! The metric system is properly known as the International System of Units, abbreviated, from its French name: Système international d'unités to SI units.

A metric ruler is to measure anything you'd like. u name it?

The international system of units!

Metric System- A system of measuring length, volume, and weight based in groups of 10 Some Metric Units: Millimeter, Centimeter, Decimeter, Meter, Decameter, Hectometer, Kilometer

The metric system is an international decimalised system of measurement official called: International System of Units ("Système International d'Unités" in French) hence "SI".

The official name is Système International or International System of Units. (SI)

The SI system - International System, after its name in French.

metric which is; 'System Internationale' or 'SI'.

A decimal system; but probable you think to metric system.

There have been several metric systems; the current official system used world-wide is called SI - Sistème International.

Nothing. The SI is the current metric system.AnswerThe 'metric' system is a generic name for a number of different systems based upon multiples of 10. The current, rationalised, metric system is called SI. Previous versions included the mksA (metre, kilogram, second, ampere) system and the cgsA (centimetre, gram, second, ampere) system.

The use of the metric system made legal in the United States by the Metric Act of 1866 (Public Law 39-183). This law made it unlawful to refuse to trade or deal in metric quantities.

If you want the volume, the official unit is the cubic meter. Related units include the liter (= cubic decimeter) and the milliliter (= cubic centimeter).

Metric system simply refers to a system of measurement in which the values are decimalized (i.e. one unit differs from another by a power of 10). The metric system commonly used in the world today is referred to by many scientists as "SI" which is short for Systeme International d'Unites, French for International System of Units.