Name a occupation where someone might ask you to lay down?

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Is it rude to ask someone what their occupation is?

Answer . It depends on the situation you are in. If you are having a discussion with the person then no, it's not rude to ask what they do for a living and you can let them know what your occupation is as well. It's just curiosity and perhaps by getting answers from each other you may use each ot ( Full Answer )

How do you ask someone for their name in spanish?

¿Cómo se llama / se llaman / te llamas / os llamáis? Su nombre (sus nombres, also possible in "you formal plural")/ tu nombre / vuestro nombre (vuestros nombres, also possible in "you" informal plural), Por favor

How do you ask someone you like their name?

As any good pick-up artist will tell you, you shouldn't just go and ask the person's name right away, especially if they haven't been giving you indicators of interest. The person doesn't know you at all, and if they haven't been showing you that they like you then at this point they will probably n ( Full Answer )

How do you ask someone their name in French?

A child, 'Comment t'appelles-tu?'. An adult, 'Comment vous appelez-vous?' One person and informal: Quel est ton nom ? Comment t'appelles-tu ? One person and formal: Quel est votre nom ? Comment vous appelez-vous ? Several persons: Quels sont vos noms ? Comment vous appelez-vous ?

Name a reason someone might prefer eating?

If your cuisine is exotic and different and not easily available in other restaurants then people will prefer to come to your place and eat your delicious food

Name something they might ask you to do in church?

They might ask you to stand for prayer or a hymn, they may ask you to raise your hand or stand if you are a first-time visitor to the church, or in some churches they may ask you to kneel for prayer.

Name a reason why someone might throw away pants?

They could posssibly be ripped, they may have grown out of them, they dislike the look of them, they may have stained them or evendone something in them that they regret, and possibly dislike how they remind them of that thing. There are many, many more reasons that other people could give you. But ( Full Answer )

Name reason why someones voice might sound funny?

Someone's voice might sound funny if they're sick, like they have a sore throat and their voice is really raspy, or their nose is stuffed up and their voice sounds all nasally.

Ask someone their name in french?

comment t'appelles? comment vous appelez-vous? (polite way) Quelest ton prénom? Quel est votre prénom? (polite way)

Is it lay down or lie down?

Depends how you are using it. "Lay down" is a transitive verb; you have to lay something down. "Lay down that pistol" or "Lay down your backpack" "Lie down" is intransitive. When you say "I'm going to lie down; I'm not feeling well" it's yourself you are putting on the couch. You cannot lie som ( Full Answer )

Name a reason someone might prefereating at a drive-through?

There are several reasons someone may prefer drive-through food. They may not have time to stop for a sit down meal or to prepare their own food, making the convenience of a drive through appealing. They may have disabilities preventing them from easily entering a restaurant, making the drive-thro ( Full Answer )

How do you ask someone their name in spanish?

¿Cuál es tu nombre? ¿Cómo te llamas? (informal) - What are you called? ¿Cómo se llama usted? (formal) ¿Cómo se llaman? / ¿Cuáles son sus nombres? ¿Cómo os llamáis? / ¿Cuáles son vuestros nombres?

Name someone a teenage girl might be mortified to have in her diary?

If it a diary written in a paper notebook, she would be mortifiedif anyone read it, unless she specifically read it to that person.If she published her diary as a public blog, then the author knowsit is public and is not embarrassed if people read it.

How do you ask someone for their first name?

If it is online, you may not ask for there name. You may get banned. Think about it in real life. Asking for first name leads into an automatic friendship, and its hard to be friends forever.

Lay down or lie down?

It depends on the context, because lay is a transitive verb, referring to a direct object, while lie is an intransitive verb, referring to the subject. Lay means "to put or place something or someone down," e.g. "I need to lay Mark down in his bed, before I drop him." Lie , on the other h ( Full Answer )

Name a sign that might show someone is sleeping?

they may be snoring,droling,talking in the sleep,quietness,bags on the eyes and more that question is the dumbest question i Eva herd u sleep u know how a person sleeps u know the signs of a sleeping person

Name a bad occupation for someone who is claustrophobic?

The list is innumerable that would exceed the discussion window. Essentially, jobs that require long periods of close quarters; anything that bound you in a small space should be avoided. For example, Astronaut; aircraft fuel cell maintenance; numerous military disciplines require gas mask attire; ( Full Answer )

What might someone ask a person who just got engaged?

What's the date See the ring how long together Are you happy It could be a hundred of different things. Are we talking generally, or more specific? Is it meant to be a "Compliment Question" or a "Rude Question" Examples: >How long have you two known each other? >Did you only get engaged bec ( Full Answer )

What questions might someone from political science ask about being homeless?

Some ideas that come to mind as a political scientist: . How do you think that the current system has influenced your socio-economic outcome? . How does being poor affect their political preferences? . How might the psychological or cultural effects of being in a lower socio-economic group affe ( Full Answer )

When trying to break down the structure of Shakespearean sentence what might you want to ask yourself?

Ask yourself, "what is the verb?". Then ask yourself "what are the nouns?" Pare away all the adjectives, adverbs and prepositional phrases and when you see a list, compile them under one label. E.g. "For who would bear the whips and scorns of time, the proud man's contumely, the pangs of despised l ( Full Answer )

What two occupations does Leon Lai have?

Leon Lai is a singer, an actor, and a record company manager. He is originally from Hong Kong, China. He attended Kingsway Princeton College in the United Kingdom.