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Name all musical instruments?

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Instruments there are million's of musical instrument

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What musical instruments make sound?

All musical instruments do.

What can you say about native musical instruments and modern musical instruments?

i say that native instruments are still useful for all filippinos

What are examples of some musical instruments?

Guitars, basses, clarinets, and drums are all great examples of musical instruments. You can also make musical instruments out of pots and pans, glasses, and wind chimes.

Musical instruments beginning with a?

Accordion is all i can think of

What musical instruments are played in Ireland?

all instraments

All instruments Mozart played?

Mozart played various musical instruments. They were the keyboard, violin, piano, clarinet and harpsichord. Among all these musical instruments, the main instrument he played during performances was the piano.

How do all musical instruments make a sound?

All musical instruments create sound by means of vibration. For wind instruments, the vibration derives from air passing over a mouthpiece, or from lips buzzing into a mouthpiece. For string...

Which instruments use musical note a?

I think all the instruments use the note A. It also depends on the octave. :)

How many instruments are there all together in classical music?

there's not a set number of instruments in any musical

What do you call the musical instruments blown by the players?

Instruments that are blown into are either woodwind instruments, double reed instruments, or brass instruments, with the single exception of a harmonica, which is in a class all its own.

How many different types of instruments are there?

Thousands, if not more. There are all sorts of musical instruments. There are instruments for performing many different tasks. Then there are instruments for measuring all sorts of physical, chemical properties of things.

What is the importance of musical instruments?

Well musical instruments are very important. They entertain us and bring us joy. I play all the brass instruments, some woodwinds and the violin. It keeps my mind off of things that bother me.

What are all the instruments beginning with the letter s?

Saxophone, spoons and steel drum are musical instruments. They begin with the letter s.

What musical instruments were used in the song?

It all depends on what song you are referring to. There are different instruments used for different genres of songs.

What musical characteristics does the Trumpet have?

The trumpet has the highest pitch of all brass instruments.

What are all musical instruments that have 8 letters?

· Keyboard · Mandolin · Recorder · Trombone

What musical instrument is played at the dawn parade?

no instruments at all apsalutly nothing

What instruments preceded the piano?

The short answer is 'Nearly all instruments'. The piano was a comparatively late development in the world of musical instruments. The saxophone was certainly invented after the piano, also the electric guitar and all other electric instruments.

What is the plot of the musical we will rock you?

"We Will Rock You" is a musical based on the songs of Queen. The musical is about a group of people who struggle with how musical instruments and composers are forbidden and rock music is completely unknown to all.

Are there any musical instruments originated in France?

Oboes were from France... That is all I know of, sorry.

What musical has All the dearly beloved as a song?

The name of the musical is "I DO I Do."

Where is the stage on Counterfeit Island?

At the All That Jazz Cafe at Downtown, where they have various musical instruments on display.

What were flutes made for?

The same reason all musical instruments were made. They were made to make music.

What is a Musical instruments played with a bow?

the violin, the viola; the cello, and the fiddle are all played with a bow.

What instruments are used in Gamelan music?

the musical instruments are ..bamboo xylophones, wooden or metal chimes, and gongs all made out of recycled animal skin