Name all the different types of engineers?

There are basically an infinite number of types of engineers. Colleges are inventing new degrees every day. Like "nanoscale synthetic neuroprocessors engineer" or "biomimetic robotic engineer" or whatever.

Some of the more common ones that you will find as recognized fields, however, are:

Mechanical Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Electronics Engineer (subtly different)

Computer Engineer

Software Engineer

Aerospace Engineer

Aerodynamics Engineer

RF or Microwave Engineer

Systems Engineer

Industrial Engineer

Controls Engineer

Human Factors Engineer

Safety Engineer

Energetics Engineer (explosives, rockets, etc)

Nuclear Engineer

Thermal Engineer

Optics Engineer

Materials Engineer

Chemical Engineer

Engineering Biologist (blends biology and engineering)

Cryogenic Engineer

Engineering Architect (does systems and component architecture descriptions)


Engineering Management (which is NOT really engineering)

I am sure there are many others as well.