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Name and define some football vocabulary?

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Receiver:an offensive player whose job it is to catch the football Punter: a player who stands behind the line of scrimmage catches the long snap from the center, and then kicks the ball after dropped by his foot. quarterback: the offensive player who gets the ball from the center at the start of each play. fumble: when someone drops the ball Touchdown: when a player with the ball passes the opponents goal line Center: offensive lineman who snaps the ball to the quarterback at the start of a play. Field goal: when a player kicks the ball into the goal post to get 3 points. end zone: 10 yard section along the end of the field at both ends. Down: a play when the ball is put into play and ending when the ball is ruled dead. Kick off: a free kick that puts the ball into play at start of the first and third period and after a team scores.

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