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In the Philippines over 170 languages are spoken. Of all of these languages, only 2 (filipino and English) are official languages. At least 10 are considered major and at least 8 are considered co-official.

There are 13 native languages with at least one million native speakers: Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilokano, Hiligaynon,Waray-Waray, Kapampangan, Bikol, Albay Bikol, Pangasinan, Maranao, Maguindanao, Kinaray-a, and Tausug.

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Name at least 4 dialects are spoken you the Philippines?

Filipine, English, Basque, and French

Name at leat 4 dialects spoken in the Philippines?


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Where did Philippines get the names of Philippines?

Philippines was named in honor of King Philip II of Spain. The name was given by the explorer Villalobos around 1543. Since the "F" sound is not part of the traditional Tagalog phonetics (although some local dialects have it), the term has also been modified to "Pilipinas" (as in Republika ng Pilipinas)

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What is the second name of the Philippines?

The Second Name is the republic of the Philippines

What is a name of the Philippines?

The full official name is the Republic of the Philippines.

What is the county name of the Philippines?

The Philippines is officially The Republic of the Philippines.

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What is the Philippines' official name?

The official name of the Philippines is "The Republic of the Philippines" (Republika ng Pilipinas in Filipino).

What is the Chinese name for the 'Philippines'?

The Chinese name for the 'Philippines' is 'fel lu bin' or '菲律宾'.

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Why is the Philippines named the Philippines?

by name of "philip"

What is the full name of the Philippines?

Republic of the Philippines

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Where is the name Philippines came from?

the word "Philippines" came from the name King Philips

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Manila is the capital of the Philippines.

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pinas is the convention of Philippines

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