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The building of course!, the pendulum, the magnetic board, the pens and all the frames of paintings made of steel in the gallery..!

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Do minerals come from living things?


What are 5 things in your school that comes from minerals?

5 things in school that come from minerals would be graphite in your pencil, Metal pipes, water in the water fountain, metal doorknobs, lockers, salt in the cafeteria. Well I put 6 but i hope it helped! :)

What are Minerals that do not come from living things called?


Because minerals do not come from living things they are said to be?


Minerals come from organic materials.?

Minerals come from organic materials.

Do all cells come from living things?

yes because all livig things have cells and nonliving things dont.nonliving things only have atoms, germs, and mabye minerals.

Do minerals come from the ocean?

yes, the minerals come from rock chimneys on the ocean floor

What is the color for minerals?

Minerals come in all colours.

Where do nutrients in soil come from?

they mainly come from minerals.

How can you be good at school?

Study hard and pay-attention. Have a positive attitude about your school work, and things will come easy to you.

How are minerals like ingredients in a recipe?

Minerals come together to make rocks

Do minerals come from organic materials?


Do minerals come from organic material?


Where did the last name Finn come from?

the last name Finn came from a fish and a boy at my school

Where does Inorganic fertilizers come from?

They come from minerals extracted form rock.

Where do the minerals from the soil come from?

they come from the dead matter which fungi decompose

Where did the name highwaymen come from?

they usually mostly stole things from the highway

How come kids don't chew gum in school?

They prefer to spend their money on other things.

Do all minerals come from the oceans?

No. There's the crust, mantle, etc. which also contain minerals.

What ingredients do you need to make a mineral?

You can't make artificial minerals. Minerals come naturally.

Where does the uranium come from?

From minerals in the earth crust.

Where did metal come from?

Minerals found in the ground.

Why is color often an unreliable property in identifying minerals?

because many minerals are the same color, and some minerals come in many colors

What will happen when carbonate minerals come into contact with hydrochloric aci?

The acid will react with the carbonate minerals, releasing CO2 gas, the minerals will "fizz".

How did the name rugby come up?

From Rugby School in England, where the game was played.

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