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rod or rib or spine

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Did Mary poppins umbrella speak?

The parrot atop the umbrella spoke .

What animal was on the end of Mary Poppins umbrella that spoke?

It was a parrot

What is the Homograph of the word spoke?

Spoke can be the past tense of speak. It can be the things that come from the centre of a wheel to its edge, giving the wheel its support. Similarly it can be the items that come from the centre of the top of an umbrella to support the covering of the umbrella.

Another name for a large umbrella?

a really big umbrella

Why is the umbrella bird called an umbrella bird?

The crest on the top of their head vaguely resembles an umbrella, hence the name.

Where does an umbrella fish get its name?

from the small umbrella it carries. lucas likes boys

What is Umbrella Corp's new name?

In the canon story of the games, the Umbrella Corporation was shut down by the government in 2003. The only name it was known by was Umbrella, followed by the abbreviations Corp., Inc., or lesser known as Umbrella Pharmaceuticals. The company that rose to prominence after Umbrella's shutdown was named Tricell. Tricell is an entirely different entity that Umbrella, though. It is not a new name for the Umbrella Corporation.

What is the meaning of the name ella?

" Umbrella " is the meaning of the name Ella.. Because Ella, Ella, eh eh .. Under my Umbrella..

What is the scientific name of umbrella fern?

Umbrella fern is called Sticherus cunninghamii by scientists.

What is the name of the arms in an umbrella?


Is there a special name for an umbrella shop?


Where umbrella birds got their name?

Australians thought its tuft on its head looked and opened like an umbrella.

The name ancient people who spoke and spoke Latin?

Latin was the language of the ancient Romans.

What is the scientific name for an umbrella tree?


What is the scientific name of the umbrella tree?

Schefflera actinophylla

Name of a tree start with the letter you?

Umbrella Palm

What is ozone umbrella and its importance to the planet earth.?

Ozone umbrella is the name given to ozone layer. It is the layer of protection in the atmosphere.

Who spoke for the plebeians in the Senate?

The members of the senate that spoke for the Roman Republic were given the name the Tribunes.

What was the name of the tribe that spoke pig latin in Treasure Island?

The Pigaloos spoke pig Latin.

What was the angels name who spoke to Muhammad?

the angels name was Gabriel

How do you spell umbrella?

umbrella is spelled umbrella! ;-)

What is the name of Gerard way's comic?

It is called The Umbrella Academy

What is the name of the antivirus company with an umbrella for a logo?

Rising Antivirus

What bird name that starts with the letter U?

Umbrella Bird

Scientific name for umbrella?

Well in enlgand, it's a brolly.

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