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Name four computer peripherals?

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  1. printer
  2. scanner
  3. paper tape reader
  4. paper tape punch
  5. punchcard reader
  6. punchcard punch
  7. punchcard collating reader/punch
  8. magnetic tape drive
  9. hayes compatible dialup modem
  10. DSL modem
  11. cable modem
  12. teletype
  13. channel selector (IBM System/360)
  14. channel multiplexer (IBM System/360)
  15. etc.
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Name four places that computer output can go?

Monitor, printer, speakers, network

Explian four major type of computer architecture?

four major computer

Name the 2 components of a computer?

There are four main parts in every computer system. An Input device, output device, CPU and Memory.

Name four examples of computer input devices?

Mouse, keyboard, scanner, and hard disk.

Name four typical output devices on a computer?

moniter printer projector extra screen

What are four basic processes of computer operation?

What are four basic processes of computer operation?

What type bus in a computer would you recommend to someone that needs to connect and disconnect various peripherals to a system throughout the day without rebooting?

eSATA port. to answer this question What type bus should you recommend to someone fthat needs to connect and disconnect vaious peripherals to a system throughout the day without rebooting? Is four choice in exam they are A)EISA B) PC C)USB D)MCA I think wright answer is EISA

Name four output devices?

Output devices are electronic devices that are connected to a computer and used to transfer data out of the computer in forms including images, text, and sounds. Four output devices are printers. monitor, speakers, and headphones.

What are four modern types of computer?

Four modern computer types are:DesktopsLaptopsNetbooksTablets

What are four categories of a computer?

super computer mini computer main frames micro computer

Name four everyday items you use radio waves of some type?

radio, cell phone, computer, light

What is a computer port and name four?

USB port univesal port peralle connecter port serial connecter port

What are the four components of computer proccesing?

the computer, programs, data, and the users.

What four basic operations does a computer perform?

by subtracting and Adding with the computer

List four categories of computers?

super computer mini computer mainframe micro computer

What are the four basic operations in a computer?

The four basic operations in a computer are:* Accepting input* Performing processing* Outputting results* Storage

The four operations performed by a computer include?

The four operations performed by a computer include processing, accepting input, output and storage. All of the operations of a computer occur in the CPU.

What are the four computer symptoms that indicate a faulty power supply?

Computer not booting

What are the four classifications of computers?

1. Mainframe Computer 2. Mini Computer 3.Micro Computer 4.Super Computer

What are the four computer devices?

The four devices is data,user,hardware and software

What are the four wares of computer?

the four wares are hardware,software,spyware&malware

What are four categories of computers?

The main four size categories of Computers are:1). Micro Computer2). Mini Computer3). Mainframe Computer4). Super ComputerIn today's terms:1). Personal Computer2). Server3). Mainframe4). Super Computer

Four steps to protecet your computer from computer viruses?

There aren't really four steps to protect your computer but the first step is to get an anti-virus program. Second step is to allow automatic updates.

What are the four functions of computer mouse?


What are the Four most tropical ways to apply computer without programming?

Personal computer