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Name of all the naruto theme songs?


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October 31, 2012 4:32AM

if you mean *NARUTO shippuden THEME SONGS* here they are

Hero's comeback- By: Nobody Knows (Opening1)

Shooting star- By:Homemade (Ending 2)

Distance - By:Long shot party (Opening 2)

To you all -By: Aluto (Ending 3)

Blue Bird- By:Ikimono Gakiari (Opening 3)

Little by little -By:Kimi Mongataru / Tetsuhiko (Ending4)

Closer- By: Inoue Joe

Long kiss Goodbye- By:Halcali

Hotaru No Hikari- By: Ikimono Gakiari

Surface- By:Sunao Na Niji

Broken Youth- By:Kwahim /Nico touches the wall

Bacchikoi- By:Dev parade

Shinkoyou- By:Super Bearver