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Name of goat meat?

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Goat meat is known as Chevon.

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Whats the name of goat meat?

The name of goat meat is chevon or mutton when the meat comes from adult goats or cabrito/capretto when from a young goat.

What is a meat goat?

It's a goat were you get meat

What meat does a goat produce?

Goat meat, meat from the domestic goat, is often called chevon or mutton when the meat comes from an adult goat, and cabrito, capretto, or kid when from a young goat.

What is the meat of goat?

Goat meat is called chevon.

What is the scientific name of a Philippine goat?

The scientific name of a Philippine goat is the capra aegagrus hircus. This type of goat is breed and used for the production of meat.

Is goat meat high in purine?

Goat meat is not high in purine.

Is goat meat venison?

Goat meat is called chevon or capretto. Venison is deer meat.

Is goat meat more healthier than sheep meat?

Yes goat meat is healthier than sheep meat.

Is meat of a deer the same as goat?

Deer meat is called venison. It tastes different from goat meat.

Is goat meat also known as beef?

No. The only name it has is chevon.

What is the difference in taste between goat meat and lamb meat?

I find that goat meat tastes more like beef. I find that goat meat tastes more like beef.

How many rumen quarts does a meat goat have?

There are 3 rumen quarts in the goat meat. This is for an adult goat and the same applies for sheep.

Is mountain goat meat called venison?

No, venison is deer meat, mountain goats still remain goat meat.

The difference between mutton and goat meat?

Mutton is meat from adult sheep. Goat meat is from goats and is called chevon.

Is goat meat called lamb?

No goat meat is called goat or capretto or chevon depending of the age of the goat. Sheep produce lambs and meat from young sheep is called lamb, meat from older sheep is called mutton. There is a Jamaican dish called chivo which is made with goat and it is delicious.

Why goat meat is not in the shops or butchers?

Goat meat is not sold in butcheries because it smells bad

Is it safe to eat goat meat when pregnant?

Yes. It is safe to eat the goat meat when pregnant.

How to cook goat meat?

There are many recipes for goat meat. You can season it and use it to make gyros.

Can eating goat meat cause gout?

Yes, eating a lot of goat meat can trigger a gout attack in people. This can happen because goat meat contains purines.

What are important products of Greece?

Goat milk, Goat meat, Goat wool, and Goat cheese.

Lamb meat is that same as goat meat?

No lamb is from young sheep and goat meat is from goats otherwise known as chevon or capretto.

Is goat meat red or is it white?

Goat meat is red, and looks similar to lamb, but is usually tougher

Is a red headed goat considered a meat or dairy goat?

Boer goats, a meat goat variety, are goats with a white body and red head.

What is the name given to meat from goat?

Chevon or capretto - it depends on the age of the animal at slaughter.

What you get from goat?

Cheese, milk, meat and if its a female.....GOAT BABIES!!!!!!!

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