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The American Revolution was caused mainly by increased British taxes without any representation of the colonies. This was more British intervention in their daily lives, and economic reasons.Ê

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What were the causes and effects of the glorious revolution?

name 2 causes for the English "glorious revolution"

What was the name given for the local native american chief and his trib how away did the live?

Chief Massasoit was the name given for the local native American chief.

What was another name for the American Revolution?

Another name for the Amerivan Revolution is the Great Awakening. american independence

With what Native American chief did John Smith forge a relationship?

The Native American Chief's name was "Wahunsonacock" or "Chief Powhatan".

What did George Washington do during American Revolution?

during the american revolution, what was the name of the group george washington commanded

What is another name for an American Indian chief?


What is the meaning of the name miko in native American?


What was the name of the native American chief who helped the pilgrims survive the first winter?

Chief Massasoit

What revolution has a A and a R in the name?

Well my first guess would be the American RevolutionHunter

What was another name for loyalists during the American revolution?

Another name was Tories.

What is the name of the most important African American who fought in the American revolution?

crispus attucks

Name a war that happened in Rhode Island?

The American Revolution.

What was the name of the submarine used in the American revolution was called?

The turtle.

What is the name of the war that the American Revolution fought?

Revolutionary War

What alarming rebellion's name started with a and r?

American Revolution

What is the name of the peace treaty for the American revolution?

The Treaty of Paris.

What is the name for a mayor of chief magistrate of a South American town?


What is the name of the piece of music that introduces the American president?

Hail to the Chief

What is the name of the most famous Native American chief?

Makka Pakka

What was the name of the war that was fought between American colonists and the British?

The American Revolution or the revolutionary war

What name was given to American colonists who sided with Great Britain during the American Revolution?


Who is chief sealth?

Chief Sealth was another name for Chief Seattle, leader of the Suguamish and Duwaish Native American peoples in the present day State of Washington.

What is a name from the American Revolution that starts with o?

The Battle of Oriskany, fought on Aug. 6,1777. It was part of Saratoga Campaign and one of the bloodiest battles of American Revolution.

The name of one of the women who fought in the American Revolution?

Molly Pitcher.

What was the name of the site Cornwallis's surrender in the American Revolution?

Yorktown, Virginia.

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